WPC: Lightning Glow

Lightning Bolt by rubys polaroid

Morninggggggggg 😀 ,

I know it’s Monday but cheer up, it’s just for today……..and then the rest of your life (-__-). Today i’m focusing on something else asides the day, WPC over the weekend gave a theme for the Photo Challenge; GLOW.
Most photographers time their shots for early morning or late evening to get soft warm diffused light on their subject but that’s not the only time nature glows. It glows during a thunderstorm as well.

I got 2 beautiful shots of Lightning cracking through the skies last week and after looking at in on my laptop screen, i noticed they make the sky glow but in a vastly different way.
Do you agree or not?

To see other entries to the challenge, the link is below.



Natural Monday: Baby Sea Shell

Baby Shell by rubys polaroid

Welcome to a new week, HAPPY MONDAY 🙂
I know quite a few people don’t like that particular greeting but a new start is always welcome even if it’s in the form of Coffee-induced Monday buzz.
My muse for today is a quiet close-up of a baby Sea Shell at dusk, with every new day and every new start we need to remind ourselves of the little pleasures and evergreen beauty around us (even if our phones ring non-stop and our deadlines never seem to end).


Baby Shell by rubys polaroid
Baby Shell

WPC: Security or Exploration?

Lightning Over Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid

The feeling of safety is something everyone wants and in every possible way. When you are inside your home, you feel safe from the elements especially when a thunderstorm is brewing overhead. Security is something that’s high on people’s list; Job security, home security etc.
This week the WPC is titled SECURITY. Show what represents security to you or what makes you feel loved and safe, i choose to show what we miss sometimes as we stay huddled in our safe houses away from the thunderstorms. Sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort/secure zone and explore more of life and nature.

I stayed under cover (away from metal or trees), propped my camera and stood in the chilly wind hoping for a great catch of the night sky over my city; Lagos.


Lightning Over Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid
Lightning Over Lagos

Haiku Friday: Through The Clouds

Blue Sunrise by rubys polaroid

Bloodshot eyes waiting
For a break of warm sunshine
whilst winter clouds flee.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 115: Clouds&Sunshine
Image Credit: Rubyspolaroid


Natural Monday: Inverse

Hi peeps, how was your weekend? Mine was too short …\(~_~)/
…any-who my photography exploration today was practiced on Pink Bougainvillea blooms. How best to represent the pink fusion on a minimalist palette, did i make the mark?
Tell me what you think in the comments 😀 , and have a great week ahead



Natural Monday: A First of Many

Hello guys, and welcome to a new month, the Eight (8) month to be precise. Some say the number 8 stands for beauty and a new beginning. To that end i wish you a new beginning in the year no matter what the past months have been.
. . . And to kick off the new month a shot from my latest set. Pink Bougainvilleas in the shades of sunset.



Urban Thursday: Sunset Strip

Lagos Sunset by rubys polaroid

Another beautiful Thursday sunset shot. How are you preparing for the weekend, it starts tomorrow 😀

Urban Thursday: Dazzling Sunset

Sunset at the Lagos lagoon by rubys polaroid

Hi peeps,
Happy Eid-el-Fitr to everyone 😀 *fireworks* , so how are you spending this well deserved holiday

This is how the golden hour looks in Lagos, Nigeria. When i rushed out with my camera i had no idea this was what i’ll capture, happy i did tho cause i was in awe as the colours changed from moment to moment.
I would post these shots as i can but for now enjoy.

Have an awesome holiday 🙂 \(^~^)/

Sunset at the Lagos lagoon by rubys polaroid
Lagos lagoon Sunset