Natural Monday: Sun Burst

mushroom close up by rubys polaroid

Hallo peeps, and what a rollacoaster weekend it has been 🙂 ,rolling in the New Year on a Sunday with its attendant activites combined with church was alooooooot of stress 🙂 but i’m always happy for the holidays. The perfect time to relax and catch up to friends we’ve lost contact with all year, count our blessings and reflect on the coming year.
A great way to start an awesome year is in the full glare of the Eternal Sun and that what I did with this close up shot of the Unassuming Mushroom.

Hope we’ve all started on our Resolutions *wink wink*

Happy New Year

mushroom close up by rubys polaroid
Mushroom Close up

Natural Monday: Purple Haze

Sometimes a bouquet of flowers isn’t as beautiful as one single flower in full bloom. That’s the feeling i got when i stripped away the colourful noise to reveal this single blooms presence.
My muse for today is a common wild flower, usually a creeper and it’s photosensitive (blooms when the sun comes up).


Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision by rubys polaroid

“There is no left turn, no right turn just forward always. Time gives no leeway or do-overs, its once and never”.- Tolulope Sanusi, 2015.

Have a lovely week ahead and achieve your dreams on the way.


Beautiful Wrinkles

Death and ageing, words associated with wrinkles. Nature in its smallest forms is composed of lines and wrinkles that give shape to everything. Can you see the beauty as I do?
Have you examined something precious to you closely before. If yes, what new thing did you discover.

Every great tree is composed of so many million leaves, when it’s life-giving duty is done it’s discarded. No less beautiful from the day it was created, even in its changed form.

I’m pleased to announce that i just created a Facebook page dedicated to my passion of photography. Check it out and show some love – RUBYSPOLAROID .


Rear Symmetry

white butterfly rear by rubys polaroid

The rear end of a white butterfly with its little fragile wings touching, created a symmetry that echoes the perfection of nature. Even to the smallest creature.
To see more awesome symmetry, click HERE.

white butterfly rear by rubys polaroid
white butterfly rear

Wistful dreams

wistful dreams by rubys polaroid

Woke up today in a dream, dreary Mondays are no one’s fav. I shot this at dusk in full glare of the sun. Hope it suits the dream theme.

wistful dreams by rubys polaroid
wistful dreams

Green II: Leafy

Fallen leaves, rain soaked leaves in all their drippy, watery glory.

To see my first post on Green Nature.



Hi guys, this will be my second in a series of nature inspired posts. I have been visiting a garden close by and have taken a liking to the little white flowers in bloom. Took a series of shots and wrote a little poem, tell me what you think in your comments.

Green a symbol of earthly nature,
the colour whispers a promise of wet winds
and the earthy smell of fresh grass.
Mother nature has no colour bestowed on her
she tolls and strolls painting her world as she whims
She picked white for these fragile flowers,
maybe in pittance, maybe in defiance.

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