NaNoWriMo Win

*Drum roll*

And its official, NaNoWriMo is over…..Yipeee. Crossed the treacherous finish line at 20:15 today with my word count at 52,158 words
*grins from ear to ear*
I’ll be lying if i didn’t say this seemed pretty impossible at the start, but i found a way amongst the stress of everyday to write a little bit at a time. Now i officially have the First draft of my novel. I had a title in mind at the beginning but as the story morphed it had to change along with it. My new working title is The Rose Rebellion. A sequel is floating around in my head even as i lay the this novel draft down for a well deserved rest till January, till then i plan on enjoying this Christmas and New Year break.
If you want to check my page on the Nanowrimo site my pen name is…….you guessed right RUBYR8. *wink*

See you in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚


Monochrome Tuesday: My Favourite Subjects

Nikon and a flower by rubys polaroid
Nikon and a flower by rubys polaroid
Nikon and A flower

Today on my blog is for Monochrome/Black and White shots. I decided to take a pic instead of my two favourite subjects, one of which usually is taking the nature shots. Most people don’t believe this is my To-Go Camera but it has been for slightly over a year now. Small and compact does have its advantages and till its bigger Bro arrives it will have to do ๐Ÿ™‚ .

How was your day today? I enjoyed mine since its my Birthday.

*wide cheesy grin*

See you tomorrow, and I’ll certainly have an Adele Inspired post for my midweek Music Post. ๐Ÿ˜€


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#NaNoWriMo Update: 35,526 and counting

On Saturday the 21st, I passed the treacherous 35,000 word mark. I was shocked at myself, it really still feels like the 1st week of #NaNoWriMo but in real time its the home strech.
After the silly celebration dance and sweet binge, the serious thoughts came knocking. This is the perilous part of writing a novel or writing anything longer than 15,000 words (novelette)
*drum roll*
The fear of the Saggy Middle.
*cue silence*
Yes, this is the true test of a novel, the adreanaline inspiration bust is over, the perspiration begins around the 25,000 mark. this I guess is what dances around any writer’s head at night;
– Does this make sense?
A valid question as churning out words doesn’t make a novel. It has to have a great storyline, the MC (Main Character) has to be believable, his mission has to have meaning.
-Is your villian (antagonist) worth the trouble?
Sounds simple but its not, an averagely unpleasent guy with a gargoyle’s face and onion breath whose dog scares you shitless doesn’t make a good villian. He has to have a truly despicable goal that directly affects your MC or someone or something he cares 100% about.
-Do you have enough characters?
And here’s where World-Building comes in. Nobody is an island and everyone’s life has a backdrop. Be it city, village or an alien planet. It has to have supporting characters and a believable environment.
– Is your novel’s pace soaring or diving?
In essence, is the challenge for your MC ramping up the suspense or is it a smooth sailing middle. Smooth sailing is BORING. All your little clues and leads have to start connecting. The puzzle should be coming together now. This is where your reader’s breathing should get really short from all the suspense and battles.
*And last but not least*
-How will it end?
Quite possibly the nail in the coffin of bad books, the terribly boring and expected END.


Now the middle /ending is where the art really is, i would quote a statement I read earlier in the week – “writing is like painting, the more intricate and lifelike it is the more you can step into the mind of your reader”.

This is the genius in great books, the silent ability of stepping into your soul and mind. A great book steals time, i.e you don’t notice how long you’ve been reading it till your cooking burns to a crisp.

*wrinkling nose at stinging smell of burnt soup*

To my fellow #NaNoWriMo contenders it’s almost over, I can’t wait to rest my brain. Just 8 days left.


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Halfway on a Sunday

Borderline by rubys polaroid

Today marks the halfway point in 2 awesome November to remember challenges: #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo, and it has been a real test of my writing and blogging abilities. Now as #Nanowrimo writers are digging deep for more inspiration and word prompts to help flesh out scenes and make sense of chapters, some few lucky writers are already at the finish line.
*Jaw dropping silence*
Yup some have pumped out their 50,000 worth of words in 2.5 weeks but this is no time to be discouraged for the regular paced writers like me. We still have 15more days to the finish line and hopefully I get to cross as well.
Would love scene prompts or pointers from fellow writers and even if you are not participating comments are always welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€

#NaNoWriMo: My First 10,000 words

So finally I get to make a noteworthy milestone post, I hit my 10,000th word last night and trust me,i had a worthy headache to go along with it.

I’ve never written so many words in so short a time before, been that I started last year and well a pretty short, short, SHORT draft was all I had to show for it ( looks sideways).
I consoled myself by saying I simply wrote a compact synopsis to my novel (it was that short), so this year I promised myself a 50,000 word draft if I could only stick to the words per day.
Hmmmm, that as I found out is no walk in the park, it’s easy to consume 10,000 words in a day it’s quite another to churn out same in a day.
Some people are gifted in pouring out an entire 6000+ words per day(yes, they exist and their word counter is scary to look at, simply blink and they’ve added 4000 words *screams*) but for those who 2000 per day is a struggle, I have some words of advice especially how to beat the procrastination voice. Write in bursts of 350-500 words every 4hrs, it seems so much more easier right? Yes it actually is. And at the stroke of midnight you would have churned out 2000+ words (you might overwrite or underwrite since 500 words is roughly 6 paragraphs.)
I’m just hit my midway word count for the day and I get a few hours to lay and rest my brain, looking forward to the next milestone which is 25,000 words. Another tip to help with your writing is visit the #NaNoWriMo forum and you could get an idea for a side-plot or if you are stuck with your Villian get ideas for a better character.
If you’ve got great advice on how to beat the word counter or get a plot twist right please share in your comments.
Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€ and goodluck to every #NaNoWriMo contender.

My Kick-Off Post for #NaBloPoMo and #NaNoWriMo

Hi guys, Happy new month ๐Ÿ™‚ and Happy Sunday,
Throws confetti into the air
and another reason I’m so pumped is this is my birthday month ๐Ÿ˜€ . Yipee

So many things have happened this year and especially last month (Nysc is finally over) and yes that’s kinda major and I’m not too bumed out yet as I’m kinda relaxing for a bit. I guess that why my blog posts have been erratic for my more observant blog friends.
I digressed..
Sooooo this month is #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo and I’m participating in both (YES, it is a stretch but what better time than now.)
So this is my flagship post for this month on both fronts. I’ve prepped my blog with lots of drafts and written guidelines for the #NaNoWriMoย challenge (50,000 words ain’t no joke -__-)) .
Wish me luck and I would be so happy if you’ve got a great suggestion to share of how to survive either, I’ll be waiting in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚
Have a lovely week ahead.