Natural Monday: Baby Sea Shell

Baby Shell by rubys polaroid

Welcome to a new week, HAPPY MONDAY 🙂
I know quite a few people don’t like that particular greeting but a new start is always welcome even if it’s in the form of Coffee-induced Monday buzz.
My muse for today is a quiet close-up of a baby Sea Shell at dusk, with every new day and every new start we need to remind ourselves of the little pleasures and evergreen beauty around us (even if our phones ring non-stop and our deadlines never seem to end).


Baby Shell by rubys polaroid
Baby Shell

Haiku Friday: Edge

Holding in my breath
At the point of no return
Wishing life anew

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 123: Breathe & New

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Midweek Music: Headlights

Oh my goshhhhhh……..this struck like a too sweet Sunday nap over before you even close your eyes. Sorry for the silence through the short Muslim holiday..Apologies 🙂 i ‘ll make up with cool city shots of my  trip around town. Back to today’s post, i just discovered this track on my favorite YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep.
Another dreamy track from the band MEADOWLARK, the song is called Headlights.

Psst…i did an earlier post of their track Paraffin, HERE.

So what do you guys think, does this take your mind on a journey as it does mine?

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Midweek Music: The Midnight

So….its the middle of the week, deadlines coming close *too close* and the Muslim holidays are looming. Taking too long to get here in my opinion.
Without further ado, here’s my music for the upcoming long break. A sweet-tooth ache inducing surge of great rebooted 80’s music. Every second is filled with feel-good vibes, you can almost breathe the hippie-inducing air of the 1980’s.
The band is THE MIDNIGHT and this is off the newest album Endless Summer(August 2016), a very apt title for a beautiful jazz, synth and vocal album. If you love a shot of the past in its full glory get the album 🙂 .


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Haiku Friday: Reason


Lacking in reason
A rhyme of body and mind
Cupid’s heart duet

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 111: Rhyme&Reason

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Thursday Sunset: 8

Hiya, welcome to the last Thursday of August. The symbol of Eight(8) or infinity means so many things but I’ll highlight just one, Harmony and Balance. Another month rolling by on its last legs, how are your monthly goals coming up? It’s not too late to take stock and tick something off our ever growing lists 😀

Bask in the warmth of my morning sun shot and I’ll see you next Thursday in September, God willing 🙂


Blue Sunrise by rubys polaroid
Blue Sunrise

Midweek Music: Gold

Ahh the sweet tones of good music. 😀

Hi, guys and welcome to Midweek Music. I post music videos from Indie (Obscure Artists) to the well known, from the Indie genre to Hard core music.
Today I’ll be posting a song from the Rock Group; IMAGINE DRAGONS, from the album – Smoke and Mirrors.
Its awesome something worth checking up and without much ado here’s your moment……


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Midweek Music: Steal Your Heart

Today’s track is a Progressive House track. The Duo are called BRKLYN, based in L.A. Their track is called Break Your Heart, another discovery on my favorite YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep.


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