Midweek Music: Trap Door

The song of a Gemini(the actual sign of the artist) and the track is called Trap Door, a lovely acoustic track, its genre is Dubstep and it’s off the Wanderlust (2016) album of GEMINI. He is a British born producer, songwriter, vocalist and DJ.

Relax and enjoy 🙂

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Midweek Music: Headlights

Oh my goshhhhhh……..this struck like a too sweet Sunday nap over before you even close your eyes. Sorry for the silence through the short Muslim holiday..Apologies 🙂 i ‘ll make up with cool city shots of my  trip around town. Back to today’s post, i just discovered this track on my favorite YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep.
Another dreamy track from the band MEADOWLARK, the song is called Headlights.

Psst…i did an earlier post of their track Paraffin, HERE.

So what do you guys think, does this take your mind on a journey as it does mine?

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