Natural Monday: Up at Night

Merry Monday to you 🙂
This weekend has been really loooonnnggg…how you might ask, it started last week Tuesday *LOL*. Lucky me right.
If you live in a country like Nigeria you’ll know that the Ramadan Festivities take 2 days (Official Holidays) but this year they added an extra day so instead of Tues & Wed it became Tues, Wed and Thur….and well Friday became half day 😀
So now i’m refreshed and ready for the 2nd half of the year. How was your weekend by the way?
Today i’ll be doing a TRIPLE Post, I will combine 2 WPC posts and my Natural Monday post into 1, with a single picture
…this is where the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words come in.

Its a night-time shot of the Moon aligned with 2 street lights, this wasn’t planned but it turned out pretty well. 


P.S – Check the links for other submissions to the challenges

Full moon by rubys polaroid
Full moon

Mind muse VII: Fortune teller

Fortune teller, I seek your red moon
Slowly peeking through these dead leaves
Can you tell me what I want to hear
Tell me it’s almost over
Tell me my dreams are closer
Tell me what my dreams mean
Tell me, tell me quick
Don’t let this red moon pass me by
I look into her beady dark eyes
The darkness of the tree shadow conceals her wide smile
I’m the light, she is the dark that makes this circle complete
My restless soul tonight feeds her strength
Peering up through the leaves, the red moon smirks back at me
Daring her to tell me, it races higher in an inky black sky
Time cannot but follow, the shadows crawl into the ground
It’s too late
The reddened moon crests the tree leaves
The shadows are but gone, I see her smile fade as the light gleams through to the dusty earth
The daunting eyes are gone, my opportunity gone
My only consolation, a scene worth beholding
Crescent Red moon over a dying tree, the shadows of night clothing this desolate tree as though a coat of black silk.

Inspired by Maroon 5 – Fortune Teller
image courtesy Google Images

Photo101: Wk 2 Collage

This is my catch up post for the WordPress Photo-blogging Month of November.
Week two of Photography 101 blogging gave up 5 topics to explore with pictures. I merged all 5 shots into a collage of pictures big and small, light to dark.
The pictures follow these topics: Mystery, Warmth, Landmark, Natural World, Connect.

Mystery: I tried to work with a nighttime shot. My first few lunar pics where terrible but I got the hang of it and made out a nice moon shot with the environment.

Warmth: A rising sun was the concept. Took an early morning shot at about 6:45 G.M.T +1.

Landmark: A very new and popular bridge that links Ikoyi and Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

Natural World: A still dragonfly was the perfect muse to use to symbolize nature at its best.

Connect: Not an easy topic by any means, I had to look hard but I found a thorny flowering plant branch that had webs connecting it to other branches forming an almost invisible connection at its farthest point.