Cee’s BnW Challenge: Steel steps

Tower Steps by rubys polaroid

The monochrome challenge this week is STEPS, where ever and in any form, i choose the steel steps of a watch tower as my muse.
Love the angle of the shot, eye-catching right *wink*.

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Tower Steps by rubys polaroid
Tower Steps

Cee’s BW Challenge: Steps


Monochrome Tuesday: My Favourite Subjects

Nikon and a flower by rubys polaroid
Nikon and a flower by rubys polaroid
Nikon and A flower

Today on my blog is for Monochrome/Black and White shots. I decided to take a pic instead of my two favourite subjects, one of which usually is taking the nature shots. Most people don’t believe this is my To-Go Camera but it has been for slightly over a year now. Small and compact does have its advantages and till its bigger Bro arrives it will have to do šŸ™‚ .

How was your day today? I enjoyed mine since its my Birthday.

*wide cheesy grin*

See you tomorrow, and I’ll certainly have an Adele Inspired post for my midweek Music Post. šŸ˜€


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Monochrome Tuesday: Needle Beauty

Apologies for the late post (yet again), monochrome is the theme for today. Under the lens today is the Black&White conversion of an earlier post. SEE POST HERE.
What are your thoughts, is it beautiful the way nature presented it or does the conversion speak better?

Piercing Silence

As you view this image you can imagine the sound of the trumpet as it pierces the afternoon air. Imagined sound.
Its silent soundĀ as captured by me still rings even though you were not there. The power of images gives life to the wordsĀ “Piercing Silence”.Ā 

Piercing Silence Monochrome by rubys polaroid
Piercing Silence Monochrome

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Close-Up

Up-close things look and feel different. I picked a simple screw to illustrate that with this photo challenge.

Screw up close by rubys polaroid
Screw up close

Mature Dragonfly

Mature and quite big, this beauty was resting and posed for a snap. Took this while in camp for my youth service orientation last November, one of the few moments of nature i could capture while in camp.

Mature Dragonfly by rubys polaroid
Mature Dragonfly