Natural Monday: Baby Sea Shell

Baby Shell by rubys polaroid

Welcome to a new week, HAPPY MONDAY 🙂
I know quite a few people don’t like that particular greeting but a new start is always welcome even if it’s in the form of Coffee-induced Monday buzz.
My muse for today is a quiet close-up of a baby Sea Shell at dusk, with every new day and every new start we need to remind ourselves of the little pleasures and evergreen beauty around us (even if our phones ring non-stop and our deadlines never seem to end).


Baby Shell by rubys polaroid
Baby Shell

WPC: Dense Verdant

Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid

Green is the colour of nature, it’s the colour we associated with life and all plants even if they aren’t totally green.
The WordPress challenge was DENSE.
Take a photo that shows texture and depth, so much so that you can feel it through the image. I took this shot awhile back just after a short, heavy downpour. The leaves where wet and all the dust washed off with the rains leaving a vivid green bed of pines, the little pop of yellow is the leaf from a nearby tree blown off during the rain.
My entry is a week late but it’s never to late to post a wonderful picture 🙂 .


Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid
Dense Leaves

WPC: Luscious Green Cactus

Thankfully, this week the challenge is simple. The colour – GREEN, maybe it’s something you envy, or the feel of spiring. Play around with it in whatever way inspires you.
Cacti come in varying shades of green and are the universal expression of prikly . . lol, so i dug around for shots i took of a cacti bunch earlier in January and threw in some nice monochrome shots as well. Below is a link to the challenge post if you want to check other post on this theme.


P.S – I recently came back on Instagram, and it’s where i post all my Urban/Street shots – RUBYSPOLAROID, check it out and follow me. If you are on Instagram as well drop your handle in the comments.


WPC: Man Atop

Before i begin with this week’s photo challenge let me say with a warm heart and lots of cheers to me

Happy Blog-Anniversary ❤

I got the message on my dashboard last night 🙂 , my blog hit 3 years TODAY!!!! (pops out the crystal water and KitKat chocolate bar ..lmao), it’s weird that it’s been so long and yet I’ve managed to persevere through on it. It just goes to show if you really love something, you’ll make time no matter the season of your life busy or not.
I Digressed…
I present my take on the challenge by WPC  titled ATOP. The splashes turned from simple to almost human like and desperate to escape the bowl. There’s a link down below to the Challenge page to see other cool posts.
Back to the topic at hand 🙂 , i was rudely inspired (yeah it’s possible (-__-) ) to learn flash photography. Yeah that means buying some more gear soon but i don’t mind so i decided to use what i had on hand to start. I didn’t want to do the whole wine glass thing, or fruit thing or different coloured water thing….oh no it’s not like they aren’t cool but i didn’t want to rehash the usual.
So you as the reader have a fun task to do? Guess what i dropped in the bowl to create these cool splash actions 😀 . Comment down below if you got an idea or if you have cool ideas of what i could try next.



Natural Monday: Flower Blur

Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close by rubys polaroid

…And the hustle resumes. Welcome to a new week and a new Monday, how was your weekend?
I’ve just got one shot to share before i dash backing to the groove of work and it’s of my favorite flowers *wink*.
If you guessed Pink Bougainvilleas, you got it 🙂 . Don;t know how they fascinate me so much considering i dislike the colour Pink *cringe*.
Enjoy the view and join me tomorrow for a Black and White Themed Tuesday 🙂 ciao!!!

Have a lovely week ahead 🙂

Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close by rubys polaroid
Pink Bougainvillea Bloom Up Close

Natural Monday: Inverse

Hi peeps, how was your weekend? Mine was too short …\(~_~)/
…any-who my photography exploration today was practiced on Pink Bougainvillea blooms. How best to represent the pink fusion on a minimalist palette, did i make the mark?
Tell me what you think in the comments 😀 , and have a great week ahead



Natural Monday: Fading Yellow

Natural Monday is back yayyy…’s been off for awhile cause of my laptop being off commission. To re-start my monday posts i’m posting 2 cool close up shots of yelow fading leaves.
Have a lovely week ahead 😀


Natural Monday: Relentless

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid

Its another Monday (sigh), a new week new opportunities and familiar faces. How did your Monday go? Hectic or a complete drag….
My muse today is the unrelenting wild grass that bursts out at every little crack in our concrete jungle, Mother Nature sure knows how to get her foot in, be it rock or solid concrete.

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid
Kerb Corner