Friday Haiku: Twilight

Twins of the cosmos,
The sun’s waning goodbye kiss,
Tempting moon’s pure love.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge: Sun & Moon

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Midweek Music: Lana Del Rey

How’s your first week of March coming? Are you surfing on a high or just wishing this week will be over. Well I’m for the latter any-who my song for today’s post is the song that brought this Tragedy Song Siren –Lana Del Rey to my attention. This song struck a deep cord in the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio “The Great Gatsby”. (And finally he won an Oscar this year …..Hallelujah)

Eternal love is no joke, after all is said and done will it remain or will it have washed away with yesterday’s tears.  That’s something everyone secretly asks but is never ready for an answer, call it one of life’s trick questions and she sang a beautiful song worth of its importance.



Midweek Music: Digital Daggers

Beautiful emo-soul music reminiscent of lost love, a chance discovery while on YouTube. This teaser song hints at a great album (The Devil Within) but till I listen to its entirety enjoy this lyric Video of this song for my midweek Music muse.

Cheers to the rest of the week 😀 *clink*

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Friday Haiku: Gift of Life


Soft caressing hands,
Molding sounds of slow breathing,
To give life meaning.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku 72: Life&Give
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