Midweek Music: Crystalline

Hallo? ……and yes i know it’s not Wednesday but good music can be heard any day. (that’s my lame excuse for a late post 😀 )
Been listening to a new track by my all time fav Retro Music group – The Midnight. Honestly their jazz infused tunes make you wish you lived during the glorious 80’s.

They’ve got a new LP coming out but give their 2 albums; “Days of Thunder” (2014) and “Endless Summer” (2016) a go. Truly worth every eargasm moment for lovers of great era tunes.

Track: Crystalline
Artist: The Midnight
Genre: Retrowave, Synthwave, Synthpop

For added benefit here’s a link to an earlier post of a track from their Endless Summer(2016) Album

Image Credit : The Midnight – Bandcamp


Haiku Friday: Dark Love

Deep, warm and humid
This cave’s darkness feels like you
Wrapping around me

Inspired by Ronovanwrites Haiku Challenge 154: Darkness& Deep
Image Credit: Pexels.com


Haiku Friday: Young Love

Faster than the sea,
Beautiful, slender and young,
Like a plain of glass.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay.com


Midweek Music: Wild Card

Sometimes love is complicated, what do you really want verses what you see in front of you.

How do you make the 2 become 1?

Got any ideas?

Artist – Mickey Valen feat. Feli Ferraro
Song – Wildcard 
Genre – Future Bass

Relax and enjoy 🙂 an uncomplicated song

Image Credit : youtube.com


Midweek Music: Back On The Wall

Welcome back to another beautiful and Love Yeah, yeah i hear you. February comes once in a year so bear with it 😀 )
This track is a follow up to last weeks Valentine track. Here’s a link to the Post – AFTERLIFE.

Artist – Greyson Chance,
Track –Back On The Wall
Genre – POP

Image Credit : youtube.com


Haiku Friday: Reason


Lacking in reason
A rhyme of body and mind
Cupid’s heart duet

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 111: Rhyme&Reason

Image Credit – Pixabay.com


Midweek Music: Meadowlark

This week my Go-To song is from the Bristol based pair – MEADOWLARK. Their genre is a mash of Pop and melodic Chillstep. 

This tune revolves around love and it’s white hot flames that can cool with the same intensity, love that burns like wax and hurt badly as well. The title Paraffin just made the smooth voice all the more hypnotic. I stumbled on this gem on IndieShuffle; it’s a music blog that streams from sound cloud categorising according to genre and similar artists. A very nifty site to explore the less main stream songs that are worth our precious playlists 😀 .

It’s never too late for good music, so here’s to the weekend…
…..even though it’s ‎still Thursday. *wink*

Image Credit:josepvinaixa.com

Friday Haiku: Bonds

Diamond to sever
Unending bonds of friendship
Pearls lovingly keep

Inspired by Ronovans Haiku Challenge 94: Diamonds&Pearls
Image Credit: Flicker