Cee BW Challenge: Sky Steel

Towering above in a high contrast sky is this stand alone High Tension Steel Tower. This was inspired by Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Isolated Objects.
Check it out to see other inspiring BW shots.



Natural Monday: Salty Waves

Hi guys, welcome to a new week and an awesome Monday 😀
Today I’ll be posting in Monochrome, frankly the strength of Black and White pics have a way of pulling your eyes in some aspects of photography. My shots were taken at the beach, on a cloudy day with lots of chilly waves. Not the best of days but the shots were well worth it.
Will be posting them as often as i can work on them, hopefully next week I’ll start off September in a Sporty way *Keeping my fingers crossed*.
Enjoy the rest of your day where ever on the Greenwich Meridian you are 😀


WPC: Pure Lines

Pure is a word that denotes…….PURITY.
I know, i know that’s tautology but i’m allowed 🙂 anyway it actually denotes a singularity, something whole, unmixed or free from any other entity.
So my take on this is well. .  . . un-stereotypical or i wish it to be by posting some pictures that would only bring one thing to your mind, whatever that might be by stripping all distracting colours to present it as it really is….simply Lines.

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Tuesday Monochrome: Indoor Flower

potted aloe vera monochrome by rubys Polaroid

My muse for Monochrome Tuesday, is an indoor potted Aloe Vera. Today was feeling a bit down when I woke up so I stayed indoors to recharge a bit, took so many pics with my phone cam but this was the shot I loved best.

potted aloe vera monochrome by rubys Polaroid
Indoor Aloe Vera

Vanishing Lines

Merging Lines by rubys polaroid

Merging Lines

 “No power on earth can keep the picture from being three-dimensional once the first line is drawn or color-plane applied.” – Sheldon Cheney

 The beauty of lines, no artistic heart can deny its effects.
Have a beautiful week ahead. Cheers


Beautiful Wrinkles II

Appreciation of nature must as well go with the little unseen places and things, the beauty we so admire all over nature is comprised of wrinkles. That word denotes unpleasant things for most people but its presence gives beauty to the forms we admire. Without the lines and wrinkles life will be plain and formless.
This shots are of a broken off piece of a Paw-paw tree trunk.
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