WPC: My Light Wish

Lekki Lagoon at Night by rubys polaroid

WPC asked for our wish, that one single thing you want to be or you want to see happen that would make you very happy or complete.
Well right now, with life rushing in the door in all its glory, i want to be like light. Yeah, i can see some heads shaking from side to side (everyone has their moments.)

I was standing outside 2 night’s ago taking this shot of the peaceful water’s surface after a storm and it’s beautiful lights inspired my wish.
It sounds like a simple wish but it not. It’s something we take for granted but it’s one of the most powerful elements in our world. Light is fast, the fastest known by which every other thing is measured against. Its can’t be held in or down by anything on our planet. It would really be awesome to be able to be anywhere you wish in an instant from the bottom of the sea to the depths of space and right now i wish i was eating hot food and basking on the lake shore looking at Mount Fuji . \(^~^)/

WEIRD FACT: You can’t scream in space. *shock face* I know right so if you are in trouble, you are on your…..own. (Sound can’t exist without a molecules to travel through i.e air or water, and there’s no air in space (except the one you carry on your back 🙂 .


Friday Haiku: Nature’s Warmth

Streaming soft sunlight
Blankets the sleepy forest
Through fluffy cloud tops

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 100: Top&Light
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Boundaries of Sunlight

This week the challenge is on BOUNDARIES. Any kind of boundary be it physical or emotional, that can be felt and understood. My muse on boundaries lies in the daily ritual of sunset. The pivotal time in the day when the sun gives way to the Midnight blue sky spotted with dim stars. Every evening i watch the sun go down and where ever i am i can feel the emotional change of the city as the streets darken, yellow street lamps flicker on street by street and the hum of night hawkers begin.
So many things happen in the twilight period when the sun and moon seem to hover in the sky, like a stretched out colour gauge the sky tones streak from hot yellow into reds into the Indigo’s and darkest Violets in the which the Moon cowers waiting for its time.
This was taken a few days ago as i stood basking in the last rays of a forgotten September sun.


Creepy Pink Spider

This week its tiny, creepy and PINK!!!!!
Yes, its a cute pink spider. Its supposed to be creepy but i don’t think nature intended that, i found Her (I say that because its pink) on a wild flower i was taking shots of, a very lucky pretty find 😀 .
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Ice Prism: ROY G. BIV

This week the ROY G. BIV colours in all their splendour is our theme. I thought it good to do a colourful collage but no. Why not capture how rainbows are made, discover how diamonds have captured our minds as the most precious prisms on earth. Below is my haul of minute rainbows, captured at home.

Science Tip: Prisms are  medium of rainbows both big and small. A prism disperses light into its colurs both visible (ROY G BIV) and invisible (Infra-red and Ultraviolet).

Rain droplets act as prisms in the sky lightening up our days and fantasies.
I created my own rainbow with a prism of ice. There might not be a pot of gold at the end of my rainbow but its beautiful either way.
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