Haiku Friday: Edge

Holding in my breath
At the point of no return
Wishing life anew

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 123: Breathe & New

Image Credit: Wiki Commons


Haiku Friday: Life Lesson

Swift is not the race
It tries all with no regard
Powerful or weak

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 122: Power & Race
Image Credit:www.goodfreephotos.com


Halloween WPC: TransMogrify

Howdy 🙂 and welcome to the spookiest day of the year *spine-chilling background music*
…….Grab your lamest costume, paint your face real ugly and come round once night falls for a scary movie marathon 🙂 .
I deliberately delayed this post cause i saw the title and it screamed HALLOWEEN!!!!, so what does that really weird word as my post title mean?

to change or transform into a different shape,
esp a grotesque or bizarre one.

..if that doesn’t say scary i don’t know what does. (-__-

My take is the beautiful yet molty way a rose dies, i know it sounds grim but its not as bad as it sounds. In actual fact the rose petals wrinkle changes to a dead shade of its original colour and finally drys out (i observed this by keeping the rose till it was totally dried out). So, has anyone ever given you a dead rose ? (questions to ask on spooky days 🙂 ), if yes drop a comment.