WPC: Dense Verdant

Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid

Green is the colour of nature, it’s the colour we associated with life and all plants even if they aren’t totally green.
The WordPress challenge was DENSE.
Take a photo that shows texture and depth, so much so that you can feel it through the image. I took this shot awhile back just after a short, heavy downpour. The leaves where wet and all the dust washed off with the rains leaving a vivid green bed of pines, the little pop of yellow is the leaf from a nearby tree blown off during the rain.
My entry is a week late but it’s never to late to post a wonderful picture 🙂 .


Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid
Dense Leaves

Natural Monday: Fading Yellow

Natural Monday is back yayyy…’s been off for awhile cause of my laptop being off commission. To re-start my monday posts i’m posting 2 cool close up shots of yelow fading leaves.
Have a lovely week ahead 😀



Caterpillar: Colour Stripped

Caterpillars as my gallery below shows, are beautiful in any light. The exquisite strips and spots, classic and clean just like the Zebra of the African plain. Colour sometimes distracts, with the brilliant display nature puts on everyday. The mute of Black and White helps to appreciate the details and efficiency of nature.

Did You Know:
A caterpillar has as many as 4,000 muscles in its body. By comparison, humans have just 629 muscles in a considerably larger body.
The majority of caterpillars are cryptically colored and bear resemblance to the plants on which they feed as a defensive mechanism.

For a comparison check my previous post in colour HERE.


Beautiful Wrinkles III

Monochrome Tuesday sees me presenting the third and last instalment in the Dying Nature series, to see the previous two(2) click HERE and HERE.
They say pictures speak for themselves, can you hear what stories they tell even when they are stripped of colours. My Black and White conversions of my earlier posts on the series.


Beautiful Wrinkles

Death and ageing, words associated with wrinkles. Nature in its smallest forms is composed of lines and wrinkles that give shape to everything. Can you see the beauty as I do?
Have you examined something precious to you closely before. If yes, what new thing did you discover.

Every great tree is composed of so many million leaves, when it’s life-giving duty is done it’s discarded. No less beautiful from the day it was created, even in its changed form.

I’m pleased to announce that i just created a Facebook page dedicated to my passion of photography. Check it out and show some love – RUBYSPOLAROID .


Veined Sky

Veined sky by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday draws up today a sky perspective of a tree with its branches streaking the bleached blue sky like living veins.

Veined sky by rubys polaroid
Veined sky



Symbol of Transformation

My first nature post of 2015, and its an ode to new life and possibilities. Butterflies symbolize Transformation and if its white more goodluck 😀 , hopefully this year might just be that.
Taking a closer look at my flight, restless friends it was quite hard getting close to this beautiful creatures as they are quite restless and it took some patience but it seems the rewards where worth it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Refraction means simply light distortion but life has never given cause to be that simple. I chose to
interpret this weeks theme in the water drops of  the fallen rain. To see other beautiful entries click HERE.