Onward March

What a week, barely started and i can say its a real roller coaster *rolls eyes* ,anyhow i can’t let that stop my blog 😀 so here’s another from Nysc Collection. A montage of some moments during my camp endurance trek. I did an earlier post with a WPC theme.
My fav are the Corper’s shadow shot and the Hawker girl. What are yours?

P.S A sneak peek of my new fashion photography work will be on Friday 😀 .Hope you guys love it.



On The Way: Endurance Trek

On any journey sometimes it good to slow down and appreciated the change of scenery,

Maybe Take a Pic

Or notice the people, buildings and street life around you.

Sometimes the journey might reveal different things, but all this knowledge is lost if we rush to our destination.

   Inspired by WPC this week themed ON THE WAY.
To see more pictures from Nysc Camp, click HERE.

One Year Anniversary

85fdd1676d0eb746390ad8f7d2f80434Like immense wheels, one year has rolled by on this blog. Its Mind Boggling all the experience I’ve had this one year alone. This seemingly mild achievement seemed impossible when i started but here i am. Richer in friends, thoughts and imagination, i know anything is possible. I left belief awhile back on the road of blogging, if you can imagine no matter how faint it can be achieved.

Thank you to all my blogging buddies who made this journey enjoyable, and here’s a toast to the beginning of a new journey.