Midweek Music: Cinnamon

Today lets relax and take a breather.. .. .. 

In the midst of that work rush,
The impossible deadline or,
The insistent human breathing down your neck

this moment is meant to conjure a moment of Zen to refuel for the remaining work days or remaining hours. Hope it does just that for you 😀
This artist just hits the right notes, i just had to feature his songs back to back. To listen to another song of his, here’s my post link: JOME: Brushstroke


Midweek Music: Brushstroke

Hallo Peeps 😀 , how’s your week going?
Well it’s a bit hot today in Lagos courtesy of the torrential rain yesterday, so to cool of I linked up something to ease the stress of the week.

A real cool slow-tempo Indie-Pop song with tones of Coldplay’s signature piano feel, the song is called Brushstroke by JOME. Also another I treasure I stumbled upon on .

P.S – If you are a Coldplay fan this is right up your alley 🙂

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