Midweek Music: Kyra (The Midnight Remix)

Hallo 🙂 ,

How’s your week going? Any #MondayBlues left over 🙂 hope not though but just in case i’ve a feel good wanderlust track for the rest of the week. It’s an Electronic Track Remixed by my favourite band right now; THE MIDNIGHT. Loving the retro vibes they add to the track. 

Enjoy and
Have a Great Week ❤

Title: Kyra (The Midnight Remix)
Genre: Retrowave, Synthpop, Electronic 

Image Credit : youtube.com


Midweek Music: Crystalline

Hallo? ……and yes i know it’s not Wednesday but good music can be heard any day. (that’s my lame excuse for a late post 😀 )
Been listening to a new track by my all time fav Retro Music group – The Midnight. Honestly their jazz infused tunes make you wish you lived during the glorious 80’s.

They’ve got a new LP coming out but give their 2 albums; “Days of Thunder” (2014) and “Endless Summer” (2016) a go. Truly worth every eargasm moment for lovers of great era tunes.

Track: Crystalline
Artist: The Midnight
Genre: Retrowave, Synthwave, Synthpop

For added benefit here’s a link to an earlier post of a track from their Endless Summer(2016) Album

Image Credit : The Midnight – Bandcamp


Midweek Music: The Midnight

So….its the middle of the week, deadlines coming close *too close* and the Muslim holidays are looming. Taking too long to get here in my opinion.
Without further ado, here’s my music for the upcoming long break. A sweet-tooth ache inducing surge of great rebooted 80’s music. Every second is filled with feel-good vibes, you can almost breathe the hippie-inducing air of the 1980’s.
The band is THE MIDNIGHT and this is off the newest album Endless Summer(August 2016), a very apt title for a beautiful jazz, synth and vocal album. If you love a shot of the past in its full glory get the album 🙂 .


Image Credit: Youtube.com