Creepy Pink Spider

This week its tiny, creepy and PINK!!!!!
Yes, its a cute pink spider. Its supposed to be creepy but i don’t think nature intended that, i found Her (I say that because its pink) on a wild flower i was taking shots of, a very lucky pretty find 😀 .
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Two in a Pod

Unlikely Friends by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday is on Coincidence, nature’s way of saying anything is possible. I happened on this duo and they were kind enough to stay for some shots. What do you think they were discussing as they chilled inches from each other.

Unlikely Housefly Friends


Golden Dragonfly

Golden drops of nature tinted this beauty the right colours. I have captured it as I wished. Did it’s beauty reach you?
This is the continuation post to my highly popular Golden Dragonfly WordPress Photo Challenge Post.


Crimson Dragonfly

Red as Crimson, Delicate as the air.
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Dragon day II: flame red

Flame red, a colour vivid and brilliant. The dragonfly under scrutiny today patiently perched on a water streaked leaf while I took shots to my hearts content.
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dragon day I

Nature is beautiful in all its forms, big to small, animate to inanimate. I have grown fond of these little creatures, not for the flight abilities but for their beauty. A closer look was all it took to convince me. What about you?