Caterpillar: From Every Angle

Sometimes the typical inspires nothing and achieves nothing, get out of the routine and try a different angle, a different technique or

totally step out of the BOX.

That’s the challenge for this weeks Photo Challenge, change your angle and see what you get.
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Glistening Wings

Glistening Dragonfly by rubys polaroid
Glistening Dragonfly by rubys polaroid
Glistening Dragonfly

Natural Monday is spreading its wings again. I just love the sheen her delicate wings have, poised to take flight with impossibly fragile, glass-like wings.
Here’s a link to shots of her species. Dragonflies




Reward of Patience

Golden Dragonfly upclose by rubyspolaroid

The rewards of patience are boundless but mine today is this very clear shot of a golden dragonfly. Not an easy feat being that i don’t use a zoom lens so i have to be uber close and still to get a Continue reading “Reward of Patience”