Natural Monday: Pink Hues

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid

Hi guys,

…..And welcome to a beautiful New Week full of deadlines, traffic, more smog a bit more rain if you happen to live in Lagos and the regular crazy-ass road hogs (also known as public transport drivers (-__-))
Today my  Nature post is an Infrared Conversion of a shot taken at my Alma Mater; University of Lagos, the Engineering Department to be precise. The building right behind the statue is a lecture hall for combined classes.

Have An Awesome Week 😀

Infrared Engineering Dept Unilag by rubys polaroid
Infrared Engineering Dept University Of Lagos


Natural Monday: Abandoned

Hallo, everyone its a new week. The weekend is over (sigh) too soon for me, how was yours? anything memorable. Lots of world news events happened last week spilling over into the weekend, the news these days isn’t really something to look forward to anymore.
Today my muse is an abandoned paint can i found lying on the sands. I watched a post-production Infra-red photography video so i thought to try it out a little. So what do you think? i feel it really gives the lost feeling i was going for. Feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments below 😀

CHEERS  .  .  .see you on Wednesday for my midweek music post. Ciao

Abandoned paint can infrared photo by rubys polaroid
Abandoned paint can IR