Midweek Music: Busy Earnin’

Hi guys ,

It’s a rainy cold, wet and totally mushy everywhere Wednesday *sigh*, so today i’m doing Funk. Yup, some good tunes to rock the cold and gloom away 😀 and it’s also part of the FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game).

Title: Busy Earnin’
Artist: Jungle
Genre: Funk

P.S – Next Wednesday is the last leg of my chilling game Indie OST series, see you next week Wednesday 🙂

Image Credit : genius.com


Midweek Music: Always (Classixx Remix)

Hallo 🙂 ,

It’s the middle of the week and the deadlines just come pouring *rolls eyes* , that’s why i picked a cool laid back tune to ease the piling stress of the week.
It’s off FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game) and it’s just perfect for a Wednesday :D.

Title: Always (Classixx Remix)
Artist: Panama
Genre: Indie Pop

P.S – Over the next 6 Wednesdays, i’ll be tuning out tunes from the chilling game Indie OST, see you next week Wednesday 🙂

Image Credit : youtube.com



Midweek Music: Dive In

A beautiful Indie Pop with experimental infuses of Synth, for a truly feel good song for the weekend. I can bet it’s a song that can grow on you if you are a lover of cool tunes.

Relax and enjoy 🙂 , for the weekend.

Image Credit : beforebigs.com


Midweek Music: Higher Love

Hi guys……it’s been a while ( Yeah, a week isn’t that long but if feels like an eternity since i came onto my blog *sigh*). Thank God i’m back now though, when deadlines come knocking like the heat of march it feltcan feel like a never ending flood.

Well i’m peeking my head over the flood now tho 😀

So…unto this week’s awesome jam, the track = Higher Love, its a awesome collab work and the video official lyric video goes great with the song like a sweet dream.
Dreamy landscape views throughout the video going perfectly with the melodic, uplifting track. Through green forests, sparkling deserts and hidden canals, the video follows a mysterious woman as she explores the beautiful world around her.
Relax and enjoy the view

P.S – My post on “The Road Taken” comes up tomorrow see you same time. Cheers ❤

Image Credit : youtube.com


Midweek Music: Division

Who or rather what is Tycho? 
Well if you listen to this track you’ll understand how awesome this project is…yeah it someone’s pet music project. Real cool tracks he has, started a while back in 2002 and is lead by  Scott Hansen. It’s genre is  American Ambient music and is a fusion of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies.


Image Credit:tychomusic


Midweek Music: Cinnamon

Today lets relax and take a breather.. .. .. 

In the midst of that work rush,
The impossible deadline or,
The insistent human breathing down your neck

this moment is meant to conjure a moment of Zen to refuel for the remaining work days or remaining hours. Hope it does just that for you 😀
This artist just hits the right notes, i just had to feature his songs back to back. To listen to another song of his, here’s my post link: JOME: Brushstroke


Midweek Music: Your Light

A cool upbeat fusion of Dance and Electronic music, its a fun song to listen to, maybe even workout with? 
Discovered this last week on my favorite YouTube channel; MrSuicideSheep. 

Image Credit:Soundcloud.com


Midweek Music: Lovetap!

Sung by the  band; SMALLPOOLS.  An american Indie-Pop band that started in  2013. Relatively  unknown, this track is of their album released in 2015. Will definitely check the rest out. So what do you think of the song?