Urban Thursday: Dazzling Sunset

Sunset at the Lagos lagoon by rubys polaroid

Hi peeps,
Happy Eid-el-Fitr to everyone 😀 *fireworks* , so how are you spending this well deserved holiday

This is how the golden hour looks in Lagos, Nigeria. When i rushed out with my camera i had no idea this was what i’ll capture, happy i did tho cause i was in awe as the colours changed from moment to moment.
I would post these shots as i can but for now enjoy.

Have an awesome holiday 🙂 \(^~^)/

Sunset at the Lagos lagoon by rubys polaroid
Lagos lagoon Sunset

Natural Monday: White

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid

The first day of February, 2016. The first monday of many to come.

Welcome to the Month of Love.

I know for a fact, Valentine Fever is in the air. Any noteworthy celebrations?….i digress.
For my muse today, is the first fallen white bloom I shot with my new baby 🙂 , maybe you’ll like to compare with my old shots of this flower. Click HERE. What do you think? please let me know in your comment below.
Happy New Month and have a beautiful week ahead 😀 .

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid
Withering White Bloom

Urban Thursday: Creation

Dredging at night by rubys polaroid

Its the dead of night, and the lagoon air is clear till the horizon. The gentle hum of machinery and harsh twinkling lights float across the glass surface into my open lens.

This was taken 2 weeks back as the night shift of the dredging team began work, tentatively its called Orange Island. (I dont get the fruit pun but Banana Island comes to mind when I hear it.)

Dredging at night by rubys polaroid
Dredging in the lagoon

After Dark

After Dusk by rubys polaroid

Sometimes words are too long,
or too short or just not right.

Its after dark and the streetlights are lit
Time for the night crawlers to come out
and say hi 🙂

After Dusk by rubys polaroid
After Dusk

Fishing Season

Its early in the morning, the dawn breaks slowly as the
water’s crease-ly surface reflects grey skies.
Fishermen row and row, rocking to and fro
towards their work place on the lagoon.
Will the bounty be great?
Only the stalls at the local fish stalls tell the truth.

                                                                     – (c) Tolulope Sanusi, 2015


Open Skies

My first landscape shots of the month and they are from my NYSC Camp collection. See the collection HERE.
I have a love for the open sky, there’s just nothing like feeling the expanse of earth for your eyes to savour and marvel.
Blue also happens to be my favourite colour (No surprise there 🙂 ).
My first addition also to my blogging friend lucile de godoy‘s Photo 101 Rehab Clinic.

When last where you under open un-shielded skies?

Ombre Sunset

Amber Horizon by rubys polaroid

Musing over a warm December sunset, when i was still in NYSC camp 6 months before. Orange-tinted sunrises and sunsets every night, the closest iv ever been to the limitless outdoors. How many colours do you see in the curtain of sunset?

Amber Horizon