Natural Monday: Sunset Strip

Hallo, and welcome to my Natural Monday post and i’ll digress here for a bit.

It’s EASTER…..Whoopeee!!!!!!!

I’m so happy for a little break coming up. I’ll get some time to myself and i’ll be able to start working on my addition to the first draft of my sci-fi novel. Actually Camp Nanowrimo for April is ongoing and sadly i’m behind but it’s never too late to start. Got any up coming Easter plans? share in the comments below 🙂
Today i’m posting sun-filled sunsets and pastel coloured cloud shots. Took them late last year when the sun set quite late and low allowing for dramatic sky lighting and orange toned clouds. Any thoughts on the


Natural Monday: Sun Burst

mushroom close up by rubys polaroid

Hallo peeps, and what a rollacoaster weekend it has been 🙂 ,rolling in the New Year on a Sunday with its attendant activites combined with church was alooooooot of stress 🙂 but i’m always happy for the holidays. The perfect time to relax and catch up to friends we’ve lost contact with all year, count our blessings and reflect on the coming year.
A great way to start an awesome year is in the full glare of the Eternal Sun and that what I did with this close up shot of the Unassuming Mushroom.

Hope we’ve all started on our Resolutions *wink wink*

Happy New Year

mushroom close up by rubys polaroid
Mushroom Close up

Friday Haiku: Christmas Bells

The bells of Christmas,
Toll only for one morning,
In eternal love.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 128: Bells&Ring

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Lagos Sights: Id el Kabir

Hallo 😀
Welcome to an awesome new week, new goals and new possibilities. My weekend was super-charged if you were wondering. Filled moment to moment with lots of activities, honestly i slept like a stone each night…lool
Today i deliver on a promised post, What i was up to during the last Muslim / Sallah Holidays (Last week Mon&Tues).

I went for a friend’s small get-together, and had a nice view of the city on the long trip there without the accompanying traffic…phew, so over this week i’ll be posting different themes on the same trip.
What recent holiday trip have you made?


Happy Eid al-Fitr

Happy Eid al-Fitr everyone, especially to my Muslim friends everywhere. After a month long fast, a feast is very appropriate 😀 . In Nigeria today is a public holiday. Time to go visiting friends and the cultural duty of bestowing friends and family with Ram meat to eat and celebrate, or opening our home to loved ones to come feast.
Its gonna be a long holiday, Yipeee!!!. Monday next week also is a public holiday *wink*, I’m sure my Nigerian friends are gonna use another work-free day to the fullest.

The Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos is my muse.
Islamic architecture inspired the photo’s today. Enjoy