Ephemeral Heights

Ephemeral denotes a fleeting moment, an appreciation of the NOW as it happens before your eyes. How much more this word applies to our everyday life, the bustle of the city as it breathes. Moments flash by so fast, things happen in a blink.
He is a stranger but in this one moment he was as tall the Civic Towers, reaching a soaring height of 220 foot. I drew on my STREETS OF LAGOS Series for my post response to the Daily Posts Photo Challenge titled EPHEMERAL.

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Ephemeral heights by rubys polaroid

Ephemeral heights


Streets of Lagos: Ozumba Mbadiwe Street VI

Roaming the streets taking pics, my focus today is Ozumba Mbadiwe Street VI,Lagos. A quite popular street/road for its buildings, 1004 estate, Law School Lagos, Exxon Mobile Lagos, and so many other attractions.
I have rendered some in selective monochrome, what do you feel seeing them? Comments and suggestions are always welcome on my Urban Journey through Lagos in pictures.


Black and White Diamond

Diamond bank by rubyspolaroid

My surreal Black and White look of the Diamondbank Headquaters in lagos, seeming reaching into the sky with a diamond edge.

An On-The-Go picture with my mobile phone.

Diamond bank by rubyspolaroid
Diamond bank