Girls Afloat

Getting air time while taking pictures is super fun, staying afloat free of the ground for long gives you the briefest feeling of euphoria. My friends in camp where having their bit of air time so i took pics. Their joyous faces is quite infectious if you ask me.

Inspired by WPC this week titled AFLOAT

Girls air time by rubys polaroid
Girls air time

New Friends; Crazier Crew

New Year comes with a lot of things, thoughts, lists and resolutions but it’s not often it comes with new friends. Went on a 3wk trip late Nov 2014 and came back with (minty 😀 ) new friends.

A whole 3 humans where added to my crew of crazy friends, yeah that’s a mighty catch 🙂 . This are the shots I took during camp and of them all I got another TALL crazy chic @Phunke, my other bestie @Yetty has found a like tall soul to cry on (I was too short for her to bend to my height….lol).

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