WPC: Dense Verdant

Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid

Green is the colour of nature, it’s the colour we associated with life and all plants even if they aren’t totally green.
The WordPress challenge was DENSE.
Take a photo that shows texture and depth, so much so that you can feel it through the image. I took this shot awhile back just after a short, heavy downpour. The leaves where wet and all the dust washed off with the rains leaving a vivid green bed of pines, the little pop of yellow is the leaf from a nearby tree blown off during the rain.
My entry is a week late but it’s never to late to post a wonderful picture 🙂 .


Dense Leaves by rubys polaroid
Dense Leaves

WPC: Luscious Green Cactus

Thankfully, this week the challenge is simple. The colour – GREEN, maybe it’s something you envy, or the feel of spiring. Play around with it in whatever way inspires you.
Cacti come in varying shades of green and are the universal expression of prikly . . lol, so i dug around for shots i took of a cacti bunch earlier in January and threw in some nice monochrome shots as well. Below is a link to the challenge post if you want to check other post on this theme.


P.S – I recently came back on Instagram, and it’s where i post all my Urban/Street shots – RUBYSPOLAROID, check it out and follow me. If you are on Instagram as well drop your handle in the comments.


Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Stadium

I don’t think i’ll quite get over the Holiday backlash of every passing year…..WHY! WHY!! Aren’t the holidays a little longer. (sigh)
Today i’m posting from my NYSC Archives for this Black&White Challenge, taken in the run up to my Passing Out Parade of my Youth Corp Program.  Check the link to see other cool submissions and i’ll see you tomorrow 🙂 for a dose of Midweek Music. Ciao


Teslim Stadium Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid
Teslim Stadium Lagos 2

WPC: Nigerian Nostalgia

Hi guys, how was the weekend? Today in Nigeria, we are celebrating our Independence (actually its on October 1st but in Nigeria if it falls on a weekend the public holiday celebrations are pushed to a weekday 😀 )
To tie in with the WP Challenge : Nostalgia, I dug into my shots from my last outings for NYSC last year October 🙂

Happy Independence Nigeria 🙂

Silver Rain

Silver droplets by rubys polaroid

Today on Natural Monday, our focus is on silvery water droplets.
There were so many, It gave me food for thought when i was taking the shots one early morning recently after a downpour. What  if silver actually fell from the sky in droplets, it might sound weird but probably on some planet in our galaxy it would be possible afterall stranger things have been found But I digressed.

The ground was wet and the wind biting but the rain droplets didn’t even shiver as i bent close to take good shots in the wind.


Monochromatic: Green Haze

Green Haze by rubys polaroid

Of a single minded focus
Draping the earth a luscious verdant
Never tiring from her eternal duty
Of caring for her children in every form.

Green Haze by rubys polaroid
Green Haze



Earth Series: Green Caterpillar

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to the first Monday of sweet September 😀 , and also the first of the ‘Ember’ months. My first Natural Monday post of the month is focused on a small but important aspect of nature.

The Docile Caterpillar.

Yes they do look icky and creepy (that I have to admit) but in a short while this tiny, twisty insect will bloom into a beautiful butterfly. Beautiful and dainty, the perfect ambassador on the Transforming power of Mother Nature.


Onward March

What a week, barely started and i can say its a real roller coaster *rolls eyes* ,anyhow i can’t let that stop my blog 😀 so here’s another from Nysc Collection. A montage of some moments during my camp endurance trek. I did an earlier post with a WPC theme.
My fav are the Corper’s shadow shot and the Hawker girl. What are yours?

P.S A sneak peek of my new fashion photography work will be on Friday 😀 .Hope you guys love it.