Thursday Sunset: 8

Hiya, welcome to the last Thursday of August. The symbol of Eight(8) or infinity means so many things but I’ll highlight just one, Harmony and Balance. Another month rolling by on its last legs, how are your monthly goals coming up? It’s not too late to take stock and tick something off our ever growing lists 😀

Bask in the warmth of my morning sun shot and I’ll see you next Thursday in September, God willing 🙂


Blue Sunrise by rubys polaroid
Blue Sunrise

2016: Full Circle

Lagos lagoon at night 2 by rubys polaroid

It has finally come full circle, another year has passed and it’s time to take stock of my goals from last year as well as what I want to use my 2016 for.

Last year January in my 2015 in High Resolution <= Post Link, I penned down some goals of mine (7 actually) with the thought of a smaller, compact list would make for more achievement.
 2015 in high resolution a
How did I fare?
To be honest, out of my 7 goals I achieved 4 😀 (those with a black box next to them) . Well my lofty goal of 2000 followers ended up being 784 (cumulative) compared with 215 (as at post). Not quite an astronomical leap but I’m happy for the growth of my blog. I’ve met new friends on my blog as well as through my novel writing stint last November. It was tough on my brains but I was happy to lay to rest the nagging story in my head after 4 years. I’m now plotting a new list for this year hopefully i’ll do more than last year 😀 .
So what are your New Year Goals and how well did you do last year. Would love to read your relies in the comments. Ciao

One Year Anniversary

85fdd1676d0eb746390ad8f7d2f80434Like immense wheels, one year has rolled by on this blog. Its Mind Boggling all the experience I’ve had this one year alone. This seemingly mild achievement seemed impossible when i started but here i am. Richer in friends, thoughts and imagination, i know anything is possible. I left belief awhile back on the road of blogging, if you can imagine no matter how faint it can be achieved.

Thank you to all my blogging buddies who made this journey enjoyable, and here’s a toast to the beginning of a new journey.