Onward March

What a week, barely started and i can say its a real roller coaster *rolls eyes* ,anyhow i can’t let that stop my blog 😀 so here’s another from Nysc Collection. A montage of some moments during my camp endurance trek. I did an earlier post with a WPC theme.
My fav are the Corper’s shadow shot and the Hawker girl. What are yours?

P.S A sneak peek of my new fashion photography work will be on Friday 😀 .Hope you guys love it.



Happy Eid al-Fitr

Happy Eid al-Fitr everyone, especially to my Muslim friends everywhere. After a month long fast, a feast is very appropriate 😀 . In Nigeria today is a public holiday. Time to go visiting friends and the cultural duty of bestowing friends and family with Ram meat to eat and celebrate, or opening our home to loved ones to come feast.
Its gonna be a long holiday, Yipeee!!!. Monday next week also is a public holiday *wink*, I’m sure my Nigerian friends are gonna use another work-free day to the fullest.

The Lekki Central Mosque, Lagos is my muse.
Islamic architecture inspired the photo’s today. Enjoy

Two in a Pod

Unlikely Friends by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday is on Coincidence, nature’s way of saying anything is possible. I happened on this duo and they were kind enough to stay for some shots. What do you think they were discussing as they chilled inches from each other.

Unlikely Housefly Friends



Friendship by rubys polaroid

“Sometimes you don’t need a reason, sometimes words fail you not because you cant think but because its already been said.” – Tolulope Sanusi 2015

Have a lovely week ahead.


New Friends; Crazier Crew

New Year comes with a lot of things, thoughts, lists and resolutions but it’s not often it comes with new friends. Went on a 3wk trip late Nov 2014 and came back with (minty 😀 ) new friends.

A whole 3 humans where added to my crew of crazy friends, yeah that’s a mighty catch 🙂 . This are the shots I took during camp and of them all I got another TALL crazy chic @Phunke, my other bestie @Yetty has found a like tall soul to cry on (I was too short for her to bend to my height….lol).

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Humanity: Friendship

This week I’m going to deviate from my nature photography, to show up a little bit of street photography. This is also an aspect of photography i love, its instantaneous and its lasting simply because you’ll never get the same look from the same person at the same place ever again and also this is the week of Christmas. A time to reflect, learn and encourage each other, if we don’t understand ourselves how are we supposed to bridge the gap.
Throughout this week from Monday 22nd to friday 26th, i’ll be posting a pic or two on a specific emotion or action.

Today the topic is Friendship,
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend”-
Albert Camus.
This quote says it all.