WPC: Security or Exploration?

Lightning Over Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid

The feeling of safety is something everyone wants and in every possible way. When you are inside your home, you feel safe from the elements especially when a thunderstorm is brewing overhead. Security is something that’s high on people’s list; Job security, home security etc.
This week the WPC is titled SECURITY. Show what represents security to you or what makes you feel loved and safe, i choose to show what we miss sometimes as we stay huddled in our safe houses away from the thunderstorms. Sometimes it’s good to step out of our comfort/secure zone and explore more of life and nature.

I stayed under cover (away from metal or trees), propped my camera and stood in the chilly wind hoping for a great catch of the night sky over my city; Lagos.


Lightning Over Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid
Lightning Over Lagos

Forces of Nature: Rain Storm

Its not often you get to experience a rain storm from a distance, Mother Nature in all her windy fury painted the horizon in colours fit for a great painting of a storm. The Rainy Season just started in Lagos so i’ll be experiencing this first hand soon. Cold and Wet is not my favourite feeling but its always a respite from the highs of the heat.
Inspired by WPC This week themed: FORCES OF NATURE