Natural Monday: Sunset Shadows

Pink bloom and crystal by rubys polaroid

Welcome to a new week and a new day 😀

Any plans for #PINKWEEK? I know you are wondering what that is but this is the dreaded week before valentine, when everywhere is a daze of adverts and bows of RED.
So lets start this week in tones of Pink and this very beautiful flower (Pink Bougainvillea) that grows at home is the muse for the week.

Have a lovely week ahead ❤

Pink bloom and crystal by rubys polaroid
Pink Bloom

Natural Monday: Water Hyacinth Flower

Hallo 🙂 and a wonderful Monday to you. It’s a new week, new deadlines and the whole nine yards.
Sooooooo, let’s dig right into the shots of the day. Today for my Natural Monday Focus it’s the humble yet annoying Water Hyacinth. In Lagos, the Water Hyacinth isn’t liked cause of its rapid breeding along the water ways which clog up water edges and hold refuse and dirt. It also gives the water surface a patchy look which is very ugly *blehhh*.

Here comes the only nice part of this plant, its flower. This lovely and delicate (It’s really fragile and bruises easily) flower with its lilac to blue-purple petals is in my opinion the only reason i tolerate this messy water plant. Blotting out the mass of green leaves and looking only at the flower, the colours are cool and soothing and a great subject to start a new week/ new month.

*Oh yes the Month of Love is around the corner, time to get the baff bag ready for the fluorescent pinks and red soon to take over* LOL

How are you spending your Monday? and whats planned for the RED Month 🙂