Midweek Music:East

Hallo 🙂 ,

Here’s a nice midweek track to soothe the stress, today its a Dance/Electronic mix by Vallis Alps an Electronic Music Duo based in Australia. It’s chill and nice, give it a listen and see if it grows on you (in a good way 😀 ).

Title: East
Artist: Vallis Alps
Genre: Dance/Electronic

Image Credit : Youtube.com


Midweek Music: Dreaming Out Loud

Hi Guys,

I admit it’s been awhile since i’ve posted. The blues are no respecter of person and my blog has suffered for it, maybe that’s why i’m posting this track today as a lil pick-me-up for a bad case of midweek blues.

Hope you have Have a Great Week ❤

Title: Dreaming Out Loud
Artist: Daniel Kadawatha
Genre: Pop Music, Electronic, Retro

Image Credit : youtube.com


MidWeek Music: Falling Skies

A very cool track from the widely respected Dubstep artist;501. He is a Finnish DJ and Producer by the name of Jussi Leväsalmi. This track, quite old but it’s the song that pulled me into the music genre known as Dubstep.

Relax and enjoy 🙂

Image Credit : 501official.com


Midweek Music: Trap Door

The song of a Gemini(the actual sign of the artist) and the track is called Trap Door, a lovely acoustic track, its genre is Dubstep and it’s off the Wanderlust (2016) album of GEMINI. He is a British born producer, songwriter, vocalist and DJ.

Relax and enjoy 🙂

Image Credit : YouTube.com


Midweek Music: Your Light

A cool upbeat fusion of Dance and Electronic music, its a fun song to listen to, maybe even workout with? 
Discovered this last week on my favorite YouTube channel; MrSuicideSheep

Image Credit:Soundcloud.com