Natural Monday: Mushroom Freckles

Morning guys, how was your weekend? Hope you are well rested and off to an amazing start to the week 🙂  .
After a rousing chaos-themed post on Saturday, a bit of quiet and appreciation of the smaller things is what I’ll be posting on today.
My macro shot is of a solo white mushroom, something you would otherwise pass unnoticed. Surprisingly its got freckles!!! most are quite smooth and of one shade, if freckles exist in nature then it must be a desirable feature.

See you on wednesday for my Midweek Music Post 😀

Have a great week ahead 

Mushroom Close-up

Shell Secrets

They wash up on our shores in the millions, carrying secrets of the blue oceans. Scoured and marked by waves. sometimes they grow right next to us, twisted and beautiful. The mobile homes of earthy creatures.
The story of two shells from different places with the same secrets.