Natural Monday: Seeing Double

Hallo peeps 🙂
Top of the morning to you. Welcome to the first Monday of a beautiful September. How was your weekend? Mine was particularly smooth, lots of rest and food *grin*
Its been raining for many days now and I’ve got lots of rain puddle reflections shots to share. Today I’ll be posting a few of a security tower at dusk.
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Cheers to a wonderful September.


Natural Monday: White

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid

The first day of February, 2016. The first monday of many to come.

Welcome to the Month of Love.

I know for a fact, Valentine Fever is in the air. Any noteworthy celebrations?….i digress.
For my muse today, is the first fallen white bloom I shot with my new baby 🙂 , maybe you’ll like to compare with my old shots of this flower. Click HERE. What do you think? please let me know in your comment below.
Happy New Month and have a beautiful week ahead 😀 .

Withering White Bloom by rubys polaroid
Withering White Bloom

Natural Monday: Aftermath

Wild Sunset by rubys polariod
Wild Sunset by rubys polariod
Wild Sunset

Hi guys, how was your weekend and how are the Holiday arrangements going?
Its barely 2wks to Christmas…WoW (it feels like the year is speeding to a close)
Before I go into my announcement, lemme talk a lil about the shot above. Took it at dusk, crouching in the bushes,
(photography poses aren’t really cool if you want to take cool shots -__-) )
Can’t really remember my settings but next time it will be better. Taken with my new Cam. 🙂
Now, back to an important announcement.

Today I want to announce a change in my posting schedule, my former schedule was Natural Monday, Monochrome Tuesday, Urban Thursday and WPC themed Saturadays. Participation in the month long NaBloPoMo broaded my posts as I had to come up with a post everyday. (not as easy as it sounds)
So now after a forced break and my new Cam Toy
i’ll be amending my schedule to this;
Natural Mondays
Midweek Music (Wednesdays)
Urban Thursdays 
Haiku Fridays (Discovered a love for writing Haikus 😀 )
…..last but not least
WPC Themed Saturdays.

Would appreciate comments or your thoughts on my blog changes as well as your grand plans for Christmas (or not).

Cheers 😀


Wistful dreams

wistful dreams by rubys polaroid

Woke up today in a dream, dreary Mondays are no one’s fav. I shot this at dusk in full glare of the sun. Hope it suits the dream theme.

wistful dreams by rubys polaroid
wistful dreams

Touching The Blinding Skies

Running, running into the blinding lights of the future

What keeps you running?

What makes your heart beat life’s blood through

Tell me.