Dawn to Twilight

Everything in life has its seasons, even abstract things like weeks and years. All revolve around time.
Capturing a flower in its 3-4 stages of bloom was beautiful. From the dawn of the wild flower to its slow demise when all its delicate petals are gone with the wind.

P.S – Hope your week is going as great as mine 😀

Mosque at Dawn

Islamic Religious architecture always has unique and easily recognisable features. The towers that square out the central dome are standard.
I caught the dim light of dawn as it washed the white walls in a sober blue, and the white lights of the towers still shining like beacons.
This is how The Lekki Central Mosque Lagos looks at 6:35 in the morning.

Corper’s Dawn

Corper's Dawn by rubys polaroid
Dawn is always beautiful, no matter the state you are in. Looking at the sky as the light peels the darkness away will always move your soul no matter how hardened the night has made it.
 Rising early is always a challenge but the rewards are as sweet. I had no choose in this tho, camp rules every one is up by 4am. Groggy and pissed i took this shots but they were worth sneaking my camera into camp.
Enjoy just like i did. Inspired by Early Bird WP photo challenge. To see more entries this week, click the link.