Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Stadium

I don’t think i’ll quite get over the Holiday backlash of every passing year…..WHY! WHY!! Aren’t the holidays a little longer. (sigh)
Today i’m posting from my NYSC Archives for this Black&White Challenge, taken in the run up to my Passing Out Parade of my Youth Corp Program. ┬áCheck the link to see other cool submissions and i’ll see you tomorrow ­čÖé for a dose of Midweek Music. Ciao


Teslim Stadium Lagos 2 by rubys polaroid
Teslim Stadium Lagos 2

Cee Black and White Challenge: Stadium Curves

Today i dug into my NYSC Archives, saw this and it fit perfectly. My Corps Batch was called upon to attend an event at The Teslim Stadium, Lagos apparently for World AIDS Day.
As time goes on i’ll post more from that day, i took tons of cool shots, it was one of those days i was thankful for a cool camera in my hands and not just my phone. To see more cool entries, check the link┬á

>>Cee Black and White Challenge: Circles and Curves


Teslim Stadium Lagos by rubys polarid
Teslim Stadium lagos