Short Story Prompt From Ruby8: The Crimson Dragonfly

Beautiful things come from joining minds even over great distances. My blogging friend K’Lee of Obzervashunal, was so inspired by a post of mine on Dragonflies that he asked for a prompt, this is the Inspirational PostThis jewel of a story is the fruit. How do you see it?
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Crimson Dragonfly

Red as Crimson, Delicate as the air.
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Crimson Bloom I

Hiya, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I certainly did, I managed to squeeze a post in #Photo101 commons. I’ve been meaning to join in but I was real busy during the week. Funny enough I also took a plunge and signed up for NaNoWriMO, who knows something worthwhile might come off it.

Starting this week as well I’ll be adhering to a more concrete posting schedule, got that tip from a fellow blogger.

My photo theme on Mondays would now be on nature. I realised i have a love for flowers and all things small in nature, maybe soon I’ll delve into macro photography but for today this is what I’ll post.

Crimson red, vivid
hard to ignore, these beauties
burst into bloom
and i was 
right there to see.