Natural Monday: A Corner of The Forest

Corner in the sky on a canopy walkway 3 by rubys polaroid

Morning guys ūüėÄ ,

Welcome to the last Monday of beautiful August, by the way i didn’t get an August visitor but i got a lot of things this month. Top of my wishlist was a new Wide Angle Lens for Architectural Photography, and it was a beauty. Took it out for a spin and my recent WPC post – Ooh Shiny Sky Bridge shot was also taken with it.
A day out at the Lekki Conservation Centre Cont’d.



Cheers to the New Week ‚̧


Natural Monday: Relentless

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid

Its another Monday (sigh), a new week new opportunities and familiar faces. How did your Monday go? Hectic or a complete drag….
My muse today is the unrelenting wild grass that bursts out at every little crack in our concrete jungle, Mother Nature sure knows how to get her foot in, be it rock or solid concrete.

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid
Kerb Corner

Angular: Green

Green Corner by rubys polaroid

Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge this week draws up the topic ANGULAR. Simply put its having angles or an angular shape. It could also mean unyielding or stiff.
Nature is known to be an unyielding force in our world, springing up where ever she can, creeping in at every opportunity or simply changing the landscape in a sweeping change. My photo interpretation of nature is that of an ever resourceful agent, showing up in a little known corner of concrete marking it with green life.

Green Corner by rubys polaroid
Green Corner2

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