Natural Monday: Sunset Satisfaction

Blue, Blue Skies by rubys polaroid

Satisfaction is such a wide term cause it means so many things to different people but i’ll narrow my answer down to my daily inspiration and passion: PHOTOGRAPHY.
There are a dime and dozen photographers all over but the most important thing to any endeavor is the happiness and contentment you feel when you take a picture that takes your own breath away and that’s how i feel when i happen to catch a beautiful sunset. They happen everyday (well almost everyday…some days the clouds are really grey and angry -_-) ) but they are never the same. The sun sets in a different place everyday and the clouds will never be in the same place as yesterday.

That’s my own take on the WordPress Photo Challenge for this week. What gives you your daily/weekly dose of satisfaction?



Thursday Sunset: Glass Ball

Glass Ball Sunset by rubys polaroid

It’s not the end of the day till the sun sets, and that goes without saying.
So when last did you sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset. We are so focused on the grind that we lose touch, slow down and appreciate the little things sometimes everything doesn’t have to be in focus to be beautiful.

It’s #TGIF tomorrow, any plans for the upcoming long weekend?

WPC: Focus

Glass Ball Sunset by rubys polaroid
Glass Ball Sunset

Natural Monday: Sunset Strip

Hallo, and welcome to my Natural Monday post and i’ll digress here for a bit.

It’s EASTER…..Whoopeee!!!!!!!

I’m so happy for a little break coming up. I’ll get some time to myself and i’ll be able to start working on my addition to the first draft of my sci-fi novel. Actually Camp Nanowrimo for April is ongoing and sadly i’m behind but it’s never too late to start. Got any up coming Easter plans? share in the comments below 🙂
Today i’m posting sun-filled sunsets and pastel coloured cloud shots. Took them late last year when the sun set quite late and low allowing for dramatic sky lighting and orange toned clouds. Any thoughts on the


Thursday Skies: Looking Up

This is what a Thursday should feel like, looking up and towards the weekend 🙂 …cheers to the Weeeknd  #TGIF

Steel Tower Sky by rubys polaroid
Steel Tower Sky

Haiku Friday: Through The Clouds

Blue Sunrise by rubys polaroid

Bloodshot eyes waiting
For a break of warm sunshine
whilst winter clouds flee.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 115: Clouds&Sunshine
Image Credit: Rubyspolaroid


Cee BW Challenge: Sky Steel

Towering above in a high contrast sky is this stand alone High Tension Steel Tower. This was inspired by Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Isolated Objects.
Check it out to see other inspiring BW shots.



Natural Monday: Seeing Double

Hallo peeps 🙂
Top of the morning to you. Welcome to the first Monday of a beautiful September. How was your weekend? Mine was particularly smooth, lots of rest and food *grin*
Its been raining for many days now and I’ve got lots of rain puddle reflections shots to share. Today I’ll be posting a few of a security tower at dusk.
To see more entries, WPC: Mirror


Cheers to a wonderful September.


Thursday Sunset: 8

Hiya, welcome to the last Thursday of August. The symbol of Eight(8) or infinity means so many things but I’ll highlight just one, Harmony and Balance. Another month rolling by on its last legs, how are your monthly goals coming up? It’s not too late to take stock and tick something off our ever growing lists 😀

Bask in the warmth of my morning sun shot and I’ll see you next Thursday in September, God willing 🙂


Blue Sunrise by rubys polaroid
Blue Sunrise