Haiku Friday: Behold; Desire; Quell

First step; To behold
A moon hunter’s rousing prey
Final step; To quell

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 119: Hunter& Moon
Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Challenge for Success

Hi guys, firstly I apologise for the late post. Been racking my mind for what to post today all day, i joined the #NaBloPoMo challenge that started on Sun so I shouldn’t have an excuse (I don’t have one actually). My laptop decided at this crucial moment to need a hospital visit, just as I was drafting posts in advance. So for the first time in a year of my being on WordPress (that’s roughly 200 posts worth) I will have to do on the go posting for the next 2 Wks. This will be a real challenge but if I’m not challenged how will I grow ( that’s a philosophy of mine) and yes a rant post does count as a post during the month long blogging challenge.

So I’m riding this wave optimistic that my blog might evolve and adapt vbecause of this challenge and that’s what its about anyway pushing your boundaries and discovering new ones.


Corper’s Dawn

Corper's Dawn by rubys polaroid
Dawn is always beautiful, no matter the state you are in. Looking at the sky as the light peels the darkness away will always move your soul no matter how hardened the night has made it.
 Rising early is always a challenge but the rewards are as sweet. I had no choose in this tho, camp rules every one is up by 4am. Groggy and pissed i took this shots but they were worth sneaking my camera into camp.
Enjoy just like i did. Inspired by Early Bird WP photo challenge. To see more entries this week, click the link.