Cee BW Challenge: Textured Shadows

LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail Shadows by rubys polaroid
LCC Forest Trail

Been awhile i posted to this awesome challenge but no more excuses 😀 . The theme is TEXTURE, i did a BW Conversion of a pic i took on a recent Nature Walk.
Link below to check out the other great submissions.
Cee BW Challenge: TEXTURE

Cee BW Challenge: Re-Purposed Wheels

Road Tyre Bull Art by rubys polaroid

Today’s monochrome photo challenge theme by Cee is on WHEELS, well i indeed got a shot of wheels but not in your conventional way.
The art work in the shot depicting a Bull is made up of used Tyres and sits on the Tyre rim, so technically is a picture of wheels (Tyres and Rim) 🙂 .
I took this shot last year at the GTB Fashion Weekend Event, outside the main hall was an outdoor sales area/food court and beautiful art works like these where placed all around.

Here’s a link to her post Cee’s BW Challenge: Wheels

Road Tyre Bull Art by rubys polaroid
Road Tyre Bull Art

WPC: Morning Glory

Morning peeps 🙂 , How was the weekend? I had a blast with a good friend of mine celebrating a milestone year *Extra-wide Grin* . 
On Friday we got the WordPress Challenge of an image that speaks to you of blissful mornings. Browsing my files i saw this and thought a Monochrome conversion would be great.
What do you think? Can you feel the warm rays coming through, if yes then this shot was a success 😀 .
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Sunrise BW by rubys polaroid
Sunrise BW

Cee BW Challenge: Hotel

A speedy day shot of a popular hotel in Lagos Island. I was inspired to do a conversion on the original file and it turned out better 🙂 .How’s your Tuesday coming along ?

Inspired by Cee’s Black &White Challenge: Large Subjects 


Four Points Hotel Lagos by rubys polaroid
Four Points Hotel Lagos

WPC: In The Details

Hi everyone, how was your week? mine was ok,  not the best  but it will get better. So our challenge this week is to look closer at our environment. Discover something, macro or  not that people might  never see.
I admit to passing this Admiralty Toll-Plaza everyday and not giving it a second thought  but one day it was bright and hot, with my cam in hand i saw a play of shadows. I just couldn’t resist and my featured shot today is proof that even the mundane on certain days shine beautifully.


Admiralty Toll Plaza Lagos BnW by rubys polaroid
Admiralty Toll Plaza Lagos

Health Junkie: Moringa Seeds

Morning peeps, how’s your Monday going? My nature post today is health focused. The Moringa Tree i have learnt is full things great for healthy living and cures of everyday ailments.
My interest was piqued so i took some cool shots of the tiny seed.

Health Tips:
1. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa seeds can curb down inflammation, reduce soreness and perk up the function of our physical joints in case of severe bone disorders like arthritis.
2. Being an excellent source of vitamin A, moringa seeds can strengthen our immune system.
3. It works as a ‘good cholesterol’ and keeps our cholesterol levels down. Moreover, it can prevent blood clot and help us keep severe cardiovascular diseases at bay

More info on Moringa Seeds can be gotten HERE.