WPC: Framed Man

Sometimes your environment frames your shot for you, to create that perfect moment and this is what that moment looks like. A man stands framed by the stair of a pedestrian bridge.
This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – FRAME speaks for itself. 

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Framed Man by rubys polaroid
Framed Man

Streets of Lagos: Sunset on Ozumba

Sorry for the late urban post guys, some work getting in the way 🙂 . Today i bring a shot of a popular street in Lagos at sunset, along with a building washed with amber rays on a Saturday.
Took this shot late last month on my way home from a wedding.

Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos by rubys polaroid
Sunset at Exxon Mobil Lagos

Streets of Lagos: CMS

CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge by rubys polaroid

A monochrome flavoured shot of the pedestrian bridge at a popular transport hub in lagos, CMS to be exact.

CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge by rubys polaroid
CMS Lagos Pedestrian bridge

Awolowo Road Underpass

The vastness of built structures has always fascinated me. The sheer height and strength was my muse for this urban post dedicated to a bridge i pass everyday to work.


Vantage Point

Taken from a pedestrian bridge on a sunny morning.


Skyline Blur

Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur by rubys polaroid

Took this shot with my phone on a drive through Ikoyi Bridge. It was a lovely sunset but my phone captured something else. A man’s silhouette against a blurred out skyline shot. To see other entries in this week’s challenge click, WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE – BLUR.

Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur by rubys polaroid
Ikoyi bridge Skyline Blur

Inquisitive Crow

Sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday guys, I was under the weather. On to today’s monochrome Tuesday post,  I stumbled on this bird quite by accident recently and had the luck of getting pretty close. Hopefully I captured a bit of his (I think it’s a he) curious spirit 🙂 .

Black and white glimpses of a curious creature in nature’s tuxedo suit


Photo101: Wk 2 Collage

This is my catch up post for the WordPress Photo-blogging Month of November.
Week two of Photography 101 blogging gave up 5 topics to explore with pictures. I merged all 5 shots into a collage of pictures big and small, light to dark.
The pictures follow these topics: Mystery, Warmth, Landmark, Natural World, Connect.

Mystery: I tried to work with a nighttime shot. My first few lunar pics where terrible but I got the hang of it and made out a nice moon shot with the environment.

Warmth: A rising sun was the concept. Took an early morning shot at about 6:45 G.M.T +1.

Landmark: A very new and popular bridge that links Ikoyi and Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

Natural World: A still dragonfly was the perfect muse to use to symbolize nature at its best.

Connect: Not an easy topic by any means, I had to look hard but I found a thorny flowering plant branch that had webs connecting it to other branches forming an almost invisible connection at its farthest point.