Natural Monday: BW Blush

Morning guys, how was your weekend? ….i’m not gonna complain it was short cause well it’s never as long as i wished it could be *moppy face*.
I digress….So onto the post for today.
It’s all about Pink Bougainvilleas in a selective monochrome feel, i felt the pink would go unappreciated if left against the green-yellow leaves so i muted all colours but the flower blooms and i quite like the result 🙂 . Do you feel it’s better this way or it should be left unaltered? Let me know in the comments.

Have a Great Week Ahead 🙂


Natural Monday: A First of Many

Hello guys, and welcome to a new month, the Eight (8) month to be precise. Some say the number 8 stands for beauty and a new beginning. To that end i wish you a new beginning in the year no matter what the past months have been.
. . . And to kick off the new month a shot from my latest set. Pink Bougainvilleas in the shades of sunset.


Natural Monday: Deep Pink

Pink Bougainvillea by rubys polaroid

Today i feel a bout of PINK coming on 😀 . How was your first weekend of July?
A Muslim holiday is coming up soon so i’m in a good mood.  Pink Bougainvillea

Natural Monday: Pink in Hiding

Pink Bougainvillea in the grass by rubys polaroid

Natural Monday is here again, but today i add a little extra,

Flowers are restful to look at.
They have neither emotions nor conflicts.
                                                          – Sigmund Freud

Have a lovely week ahead 😀

Hidding in the lawn


Monochrome Madness: Bougainvillea

Saw a post some days ago on Monochrome Madness 5day challenge, where you get to post black and white pics for 5days straight. I’m appreciating Black and White more these days and can’t resist converting a shot i like into Pure or Selective Monochrome.
How did these come out? You can see the original HERE.