Thursday Sunset: Glass Ball

Glass Ball Sunset by rubys polaroid

It’s not the end of the day till the sun sets, and that goes without saying.
So when last did you sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset. We are so focused on the grind that we lose touch, slow down and appreciate the little things sometimes everything doesn’t have to be in focus to be beautiful.

It’s #TGIF tomorrow, any plans for the upcoming long weekend?

WPC: Focus

Glass Ball Sunset by rubys polaroid
Glass Ball Sunset

WPC: The Road Taken

Trailing Lights by rubys polaroid

The Road Less Taken was the first thought in mind on seeing the WPC topic, but sometimes it can mean looking at familiar things in a different light.
Took this after a storm had passed, it’s a normal street from eye-level but from this angle it looks like so much more.

Check the link to see other cool entries. WPC: The Road Taken


Natural Monday: Mushroom Freckles

Morning guys, how was your weekend? Hope you are well rested and off to an amazing start to the week 🙂  .
After a rousing chaos-themed post on Saturday, a bit of quiet and appreciation of the smaller things is what I’ll be posting on today.
My macro shot is of a solo white mushroom, something you would otherwise pass unnoticed. Surprisingly its got freckles!!! most are quite smooth and of one shade, if freckles exist in nature then it must be a desirable feature.

See you on wednesday for my Midweek Music Post 😀

Have a great week ahead 

Mushroom Close-up

WPC: Quest in the Rain

A shot on the fly of a lady on a bike ride in the rain., must have been in a hurry for the cold ride to be worth it.
My entry for this week’s, to see more=> WPC: Quest

journey in the rain by rubys polaroid
Journey in the Rain

Natural Monday: Fading Yellow

Natural Monday is back yayyy…’s been off for awhile cause of my laptop being off commission. To re-start my monday posts i’m posting 2 cool close up shots of yelow fading leaves.
Have a lovely week ahead 😀



Natural Monday: Red Bloom

A beautiful way to start the week, all red-eyed from the weekend. How was your weekend? Mine was beaut! Full of prospects.
Happy New Week 😀 


Natural Monday: Aftermath

Wild Sunset by rubys polariod
Wild Sunset by rubys polariod
Wild Sunset

Hi guys, how was your weekend and how are the Holiday arrangements going?
Its barely 2wks to Christmas…WoW (it feels like the year is speeding to a close)
Before I go into my announcement, lemme talk a lil about the shot above. Took it at dusk, crouching in the bushes,
(photography poses aren’t really cool if you want to take cool shots -__-) )
Can’t really remember my settings but next time it will be better. Taken with my new Cam. 🙂
Now, back to an important announcement.

Today I want to announce a change in my posting schedule, my former schedule was Natural Monday, Monochrome Tuesday, Urban Thursday and WPC themed Saturadays. Participation in the month long NaBloPoMo broaded my posts as I had to come up with a post everyday. (not as easy as it sounds)
So now after a forced break and my new Cam Toy
i’ll be amending my schedule to this;
Natural Mondays
Midweek Music (Wednesdays)
Urban Thursdays 
Haiku Fridays (Discovered a love for writing Haikus 😀 )
…..last but not least
WPC Themed Saturdays.

Would appreciate comments or your thoughts on my blog changes as well as your grand plans for Christmas (or not).

Cheers 😀

Silver Rain

Silver droplets by rubys polaroid

Today on Natural Monday, our focus is on silvery water droplets.
There were so many, It gave me food for thought when i was taking the shots one early morning recently after a downpour. What  if silver actually fell from the sky in droplets, it might sound weird but probably on some planet in our galaxy it would be possible afterall stranger things have been found But I digressed.

The ground was wet and the wind biting but the rain droplets didn’t even shiver as i bent close to take good shots in the wind.