Last Natural Monday of 2015: Blooms and Wasps


Merry Christmas In Arrears.

*And i hit the 500 WordPress Followers Mark last week 😀 😀 *

Now that I’ve duly said my Seasons Greetings 😀 , how is the Last Monday of 2015 faring for you?
Right now everyone is a in a furious rush to tidy up this outgoing year, buy any last minute gifts and hampers for the New Year. I, myself have been less than prepared with my blog as I’ve actually not had a post since last upper week Friday.
*lots of things happening in the background, my sincerest apologies*

Today i’ll be sharing my last flower images for 2015 and hopefully next week i’ll forage through my stats and post my most popular images on my blog for 2015. 😀


Wild Flowers: Macro BW

Black and White Tuesday brings to the fore a Black and White collage of little wild flowers waving in the wind.


Flower of June: Monochrome

Black and White is a medium loved for its apt focus on the un-coloured beauty of a photograph’s subject. Its always flattering no matter the context. Some photographers become exclusively hooked on as an art form, it simply is the Art of Light. No interference of colour.
My muse for Monochrome Tuesday are Wine-tipped wild flowers. The colour version HERE.
What do you feel when you see them? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

I included this post into Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab and Cee’s B&W Challenge. Click the link to find other awesome blogs.


Monochrome Madness: Bougainvillea

Saw a post some days ago on Monochrome Madness 5day challenge, where you get to post black and white pics for 5days straight. I’m appreciating Black and White more these days and can’t resist converting a shot i like into Pure or Selective Monochrome.
How did these come out? You can see the original HERE.


Pink Oleanders II

Spurred by the crazy pink of yesterday, i went monochrome mad with the shots i loved of the Oleanders. What do you think, too little or too much?
To see the original shots, click HERE.


Pink Oleanders I

Happy Monday guys, yes it’s not everyone’s favourite day but the city is still warm all over bearing traces of the Crimson love of Valentine’s Day.

Pink Blooms for our red-weary eyes. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.


Crimson Bloom I

Hiya, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I certainly did, I managed to squeeze a post in #Photo101 commons. I’ve been meaning to join in but I was real busy during the week. Funny enough I also took a plunge and signed up for NaNoWriMO, who knows something worthwhile might come off it.

Starting this week as well I’ll be adhering to a more concrete posting schedule, got that tip from a fellow blogger.

My photo theme on Mondays would now be on nature. I realised i have a love for flowers and all things small in nature, maybe soon I’ll delve into macro photography but for today this is what I’ll post.

Crimson red, vivid
hard to ignore, these beauties
burst into bloom
and i was 
right there to see.