Silver Rain

Silver droplets by rubys polaroid

Today on Natural Monday, our focus is on silvery water droplets.
There were so many, It gave me food for thought when i was taking the shots one early morning recently after a downpour. What  if silver actually fell from the sky in droplets, it might sound weird but probably on some planet in our galaxy it would be possible afterall stranger things have been found But I digressed.

The ground was wet and the wind biting but the rain droplets didn’t even shiver as i bent close to take good shots in the wind.

Wild and Red

Wild red by rubys polaroid

MONDAY, ahhh yes it is the start of a new week and i too wish the weekend wasn’t over but we do have to work sometime 🙂 . My first nature post in NaBloPoMo‘s month long November challenge. (Click the link for more info on the event)
Today I’ll be presenting something simple and RED, a very stark colour in a nearby field of greens and browns.
The nettles held so many droplets of rainwater, almost glistening in the calm and weak sunlight of the morning.