Midweek Music: 1Hundredknight

This anime ending OST has been resonating in my head for 4 days and counting, it’s from an anime i recently discovered and I also found online a host of beautifully composed songs dedicated solely to animes.
Has any recent movie/ series OST made you hum for days? Do share 🙂

P.S – animes are primarily Japanese styled animations although other countries do create such but are quite low comparatively. Anime is a broad title and encompasses all genres, types and themes that would appeal to different tastes.

Image Credit: (Seraph Of The End AMV ► Shattered | Owari no Seraph)

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Flower Macro

White flower monochrome by rubys polaroid

Hi guys, sorry my Monochrome Tuesday post is coming a day late but better late than never. Took this shot 2 weeks ago during my caterpillar quest 😀 . I’m sure you’ve been seeing the results of that on my blog. If you missed them, here are shortlink to all related posts – CATERPILLARS

I digress, my photo post is a single shot of a wild flower with a little visitor. I feel the 16:9 photo size phase is really contagious. Do you think it lends more depth to a shot?

White flower monochrome by rubys polaroid
White flower monochrome

Fashion: Monochrome Hues

FINALLY, here’s my first post on my fashion photography stint for a dear fashion blogger friend.
Here’s a link to her blog:  IMPERFECT VERBALISTA.

Her blogging name is Imperfect Verbalista, a good friend from my University days. We met in B.Sc, have been friends since. I got a little request from her awhile back to take shots for her blog, she was a fan of my blog and also of my Instagram shots.
So, background story. Check.
This was my intro shoot (2 dresses in this shoot, for 2 blog posts), we’ve done 2 others since then. I’ll post as i am able to. I picked my favorites of the many shots. To see the others, click the blog post links.

Peruse and tell me what you think, i’ll be waiting in the comments.

Here’s a link to the blog post: ForTheLoveOfMonochromaticHues: Masked Black


Here’s a link to the blog post: #TBT: All White + Gray “Errthang”


Shady Reflection

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid

Monochrome Tuesday with a twist. My photography muse today was a shot taken in camp. Played around with it by selectively allowing some areas retain their original look.

Let me know what you think in your comments. Cheers 😀

Colorful reflection by rubys polaroid
Colorful reflection

New Theme

Hi everyone, I just got the spring cleaning bug recently and decided to change my blog’s look and feel.
Tell me what you think in the comments. 😀 Suggestions are also very welcome. Thanks.

One Year Anniversary

85fdd1676d0eb746390ad8f7d2f80434Like immense wheels, one year has rolled by on this blog. Its Mind Boggling all the experience I’ve had this one year alone. This seemingly mild achievement seemed impossible when i started but here i am. Richer in friends, thoughts and imagination, i know anything is possible. I left belief awhile back on the road of blogging, if you can imagine no matter how faint it can be achieved.

Thank you to all my blogging buddies who made this journey enjoyable, and here’s a toast to the beginning of a new journey.