#NaNoWriMo: My First 10,000 words

So finally I get to make a noteworthy milestone post, I hit my 10,000th word last night and trust me,i had a worthy headache to go along with it.

I’ve never written so many words in so short a time before, been that I started last year and well a pretty short, short, SHORT draft was all I had to show for it ( looks sideways).
I consoled myself by saying I simply wrote a compact synopsis to my novel (it was that short), so this year I promised myself a 50,000 word draft if I could only stick to the words per day.
Hmmmm, that as I found out is no walk in the park, it’s easy to consume 10,000 words in a day it’s quite another to churn out same in a day.
Some people are gifted in pouring out an entire 6000+ words per day(yes, they exist and their word counter is scary to look at, simply blink and they’ve added 4000 words *screams*) but for those who 2000 per day is a struggle, I have some words of advice especially how to beat the procrastination voice. Write in bursts of 350-500 words every 4hrs, it seems so much more easier right? Yes it actually is. And at the stroke of midnight you would have churned out 2000+ words (you might overwrite or underwrite since 500 words is roughly 6 paragraphs.)
I’m just hit my midway word count for the day and I get a few hours to lay and rest my brain, looking forward to the next milestone which is 25,000 words. Another tip to help with your writing is visit the #NaNoWriMo forum and you could get an idea for a side-plot or if you are stuck with your Villian get ideas for a better character.
If you’ve got great advice on how to beat the word counter or get a plot twist right please share in your comments.
Cheers 😀 and goodluck to every #NaNoWriMo contender.