WPC: Serene Sky

City Hall Lagos Rooftop 2 by rubys polaroid

It’s not everyday you get access to a buildings rooftop especially in Lagos. It’s dusk and the cool ocean breeze slides over buildings, through streets and into the minds and homes of the city and in Lagos the cool is always welcome. ALWAYS!!!
It’s the Launch Party of Lagos Biennial and honesty i went there more for the opportunity to bask in the open cold air of the evening than the photo party and eccentric music, i did enjoy the music tho.

Eclectic was the word and the tunes where right my alley but my accomplice a rogue typical lasgidi gal didn’t care for Electronic Music or the likes and kept her round eyes glued to her phone all evening. sigh
Today’s WPC Theme is SERENE and what better way to enjoy the evening in a hot, chaotic city than escape to the rooftop. From my perch high up Lagos feels calm, pink hue clouds and cold blue skies all round it really doesn’t feel like the sweltering, noisy beast it usually is. (Motorists and civilians in Lagos will attest to this)

My take on the challenge. Link to the main challenge below

P.S- Did a Black&White conversion to one of the images. What do you think?


WPC: My Light Wish

Lekki Lagoon at Night by rubys polaroid

WPC asked for our wish, that one single thing you want to be or you want to see happen that would make you very happy or complete.
Well right now, with life rushing in the door in all its glory, i want to be like light. Yeah, i can see some heads shaking from side to side (everyone has their moments.)

I was standing outside 2 night’s ago taking this shot of the peaceful water’s surface after a storm and it’s beautiful lights inspired my wish.
It sounds like a simple wish but it not. It’s something we take for granted but it’s one of the most powerful elements in our world. Light is fast, the fastest known by which every other thing is measured against. Its can’t be held in or down by anything on our planet. It would really be awesome to be able to be anywhere you wish in an instant from the bottom of the sea to the depths of space and right now i wish i was eating hot food and basking on the lake shore looking at Mount Fuji . \(^~^)/

WEIRD FACT: You can’t scream in space. *shock face* I know right so if you are in trouble, you are on your…..own. (Sound can’t exist without a molecules to travel through i.e air or water, and there’s no air in space (except the one you carry on your back 🙂 .



Haiku Friday: Swirls of Colour

Faster, spin faster

She calls out, laughing harder

Right into the pool


Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge130: Spin& Water
Image Credit: Flickr.com


WPC: Night Magic

Make Magic!!! Create beauty in ways to inspire the mind..what about putting out all the lights and leaving your mind with endless possibilities?
That is what i try to achieve with this week’s shot, it’s literally a shot in the dark(lol) of a night-time barber shop under a huge umbrella. A quick set up but in pitch darkness its an island of light, i almost missed this shot contemplating where or not to take it i’m so glad i raise my hands to take the shot.

Inspired by WPC: Magic

Natural Monday: Up at Night

Merry Monday to you 🙂
This weekend has been really loooonnnggg…how you might ask, it started last week Tuesday *LOL*. Lucky me right.
If you live in a country like Nigeria you’ll know that the Ramadan Festivities take 2 days (Official Holidays) but this year they added an extra day so instead of Tues & Wed it became Tues, Wed and Thur….and well Friday became half day 😀
So now i’m refreshed and ready for the 2nd half of the year. How was your weekend by the way?
Today i’ll be doing a TRIPLE Post, I will combine 2 WPC posts and my Natural Monday post into 1, with a single picture
…this is where the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words come in.

Its a night-time shot of the Moon aligned with 2 street lights, this wasn’t planned but it turned out pretty well. 


P.S – Check the links for other submissions to the challenges

Full moon by rubys polaroid
Full moon

Urban Thursday: Creation

Dredging at night by rubys polaroid

Its the dead of night, and the lagoon air is clear till the horizon. The gentle hum of machinery and harsh twinkling lights float across the glass surface into my open lens.

This was taken 2 weeks back as the night shift of the dredging team began work, tentatively its called Orange Island. (I dont get the fruit pun but Banana Island comes to mind when I hear it.)

Dredging at night by rubys polaroid
Dredging in the lagoon

Natural Monday: Relentless

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid

Its another Monday (sigh), a new week new opportunities and familiar faces. How did your Monday go? Hectic or a complete drag….
My muse today is the unrelenting wild grass that bursts out at every little crack in our concrete jungle, Mother Nature sure knows how to get her foot in, be it rock or solid concrete.

Kerb Corner by rubys polaroid
Kerb Corner

WPC: Oops :)

Night Oops by rubys polaroid
Night Oops by rubys polaroid
Night Oops

Sometimes things don’t go according to our neat little plans, not everything can be picture perfect and that’s ok. Going with the flow of life sometimes upsets our plans but at the days end ; All’s well that ends well 🙂 (I know it’s cliché *rolls eyes*)

This week we are called to put our mistakes front and centre, pretty or not we are human and photoshop can’t stop our mistakes or life from playing hooky with our lives. The theme is : OOPS.

This is one of my nighttime photography attempts, I moved at the last minute and a nice shot got unexpected trails and bad blurring *cringe*