Midweek Music: Cinnamon

Today lets relax and take a breather.. .. .. 

In the midst of that work rush,
The impossible deadline or,
The insistent human breathing down your neck

this moment is meant to conjure a moment of Zen to refuel for the remaining work days or remaining hours. Hope it does just that for you 😀
This artist just hits the right notes, i just had to feature his songs back to back. To listen to another song of his, here’s my post link: JOME: Brushstroke


WPC: Pure Lines

Pure is a word that denotes…….PURITY.
I know, i know that’s tautology but i’m allowed 🙂 anyway it actually denotes a singularity, something whole, unmixed or free from any other entity.
So my take on this is well. .  . . un-stereotypical or i wish it to be by posting some pictures that would only bring one thing to your mind, whatever that might be by stripping all distracting colours to present it as it really is….simply Lines.

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Friday Haiku: Twilight

Twins of the cosmos,
The sun’s waning goodbye kiss,
Tempting moon’s pure love.

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge: Sun & Moon

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Midweek Music: Lovetap!

Sung by the  band; SMALLPOOLS.  An american Indie-Pop band that started in  2013. Relatively  unknown, this track is of their album released in 2015. Will definitely check the rest out. So what do you think of the song?



Midweek Music: Savoy and Sound Remedy

This is for the Electro-pop fans , a truly hypnotic mix that’s been on my repeat list for 2 weeks straight….yeah its that  cool. Two artists mixed in their Rock and Dub-step influences with a hint of  Future  Bass(….. i know that’s a lot to put in  one go  but  it turned out awesome.)

Hope you enjoy it.

Haiku Friday: Dancing Desires

Dance in perfect beat
Flash of bodies in motion
Sets desire ablaze

Inspired by RonovanWrites Haiku Friday: Flash & Dance

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Midweek Music: 1Hundredknight

This anime ending OST has been resonating in my head for 4 days and counting, it’s from an anime i recently discovered and I also found online a host of beautifully composed songs dedicated solely to animes.
Has any recent movie/ series OST made you hum for days? Do share 🙂

P.S – animes are primarily Japanese styled animations although other countries do create such but are quite low comparatively. Anime is a broad title and encompasses all genres, types and themes that would appeal to different tastes.

Image Credit: (Seraph Of The End AMV ► Shattered | Owari no Seraph)

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Midweek Music: Trading Yesterday

This is for the Alternative Rock fans 🙂 . Discovered their song while sifting through YouTube videos, the song that made me dig further into their songs is the audio for today’s post – Love Song Requiem
Slow, with beautiful words. You couldn’t ask for a better theme song for a romantic scene.

P.S – They changed their name to Age of Information. ( I preferred the original band name it sounded more Rockish…. just my opinion tho )

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