Midweek Music: Busy Earnin’

Hi guys , It’s a rainy cold, wet and totally mushy everywhere Wednesday *sigh*, so today i’m doing Funk. Yup, some good tunes to rock the cold and gloom away 😀 and it’s also part of the FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game). Title: Busy Earnin’ Artist: Jungle Genre: Funk P.S – Next Wednesday is … Continue reading Midweek Music: Busy Earnin’

Midweek Music: Sea

Hallo 🙂 , This is the third week running  ( 🙂 i skipped last week lol) of my recent music playlist crush tunes off the FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game) and it’s perfect for another chilling Wednesday :D. Title: Sea Artist: Roosevelt Genre: Indie Rock P.S – Over the next 5 Wednesdays, i’ll be … Continue reading Midweek Music: Sea

Midweek Music: Always (Classixx Remix)

Hallo 🙂 , It’s the middle of the week and the deadlines just come pouring *rolls eyes* , that’s why i picked a cool laid back tune to ease the piling stress of the week. It’s off FORZA HORIZON 2 Sound track (Racing Game) and it’s just perfect for a Wednesday :D. Title: Always (Classixx Remix) … Continue reading Midweek Music: Always (Classixx Remix)

Midweek Music: The Mother We Share

Hi guys :D, Welcome to another awesome Wednesday, how’s the weather where you are?  Middle of the month blues and the rains don’t mix. Guess you knew that already. It’s rainy season here in Lagos and boy do the heavens know how to cry *teary eyes* Today we have a track from a cool SynthPop … Continue reading Midweek Music: The Mother We Share